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Is this secondary hypo or my ndt

I have been taking thyrogold a bovine NDT and my last blood results were,

TSH 0.59 ref 0.27-4.2

free T4 9.9pmol ref 12-22

free t3 3.8pmol ref 3.1-6.8

My GP has queried secondary hypothyroidism as my t4 is low and my tsh has not risen to compensate but I have also heard that NDT lowers your T4.

I would be so pleased if it turned out I had secondary hypothyroid and am already fantasying about all the hopeless doctors I will sue after a 30 year history of being ill.

Would ndt lower the t4 out of the reference range.

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Mandyjane, secondary hypothyroidism presents with low-normal TSH and low FT4 at diagnosis. Your results are consistent with taking NDT as the T3 in it can cause low FT4. Your FT3 is low in range so a dose increase might be helpful.


Thanks clutter. I am waiting to see Dr P before I increase dose as am also taking pregnisalone.


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