Buying low dose Naltrexone online without involving my GP

I want to trial LDN.I know you can buy it from a chemist in Glasgow without involving an NHS GP,through their system,or from an online international pharmacy.

I do not seem to be able to get anywhere with the Glasgow chemist's system.

I cannot find an online pharmacy that stocks it.

This is despite many posts on other forums from people who have gone down both routes.

Please PM me any simple steps that will help me obtain this.I have Hashi & chronic fatigue.

T3 added to my T4 is helping after only a month,but I also wish to try LDN,starting with .5mgs

Thank you


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28 Replies

  • thanks!Just registered

  • I couldn't access your link but I see that naomi has registered. I accessed it through

    Thanks it is really interesting.

  • I orderd here - buyeuropharm com

  • cannot make their site work and naltrexone is not listed

  • it works. my crazy avast blocked

  • You get legit naltrexone from buyeuropharm?

  • I think you need to reply to Harry_Goldman but better to pm him as this thread was started a year ago

  • PS I buy my LDN from Dickson's.Been on it a year.

  • I order 50mg of Naltrexone tablets and convert a 50mg tablet into low dose naltrexone (LDN) simply and easily.

    You can get tips here

    If you're curious this is reliable site where I buy the tablets

    and they sent it WORLDWIDE without a prescription. I'am very happy with it.

    Their customer service was fantastic, price was awesome and I received my order within a few days.

  • I will PM you x

  • Bagpuss, would you mind sending me a PM as well? I'm in the same boat as Naomi8, going around in circles w Dickson, LDN Trust and the e-doctor site the LDN Trust brings you to. Cheers. :-)

  • Hi could you pm me I'm just looking into this med 


    There is a forum here on HU for LDN.  Hopefully some useful information there :-)

  • Thanks I've also requested a prescription from my dr fingers crossed

  • I have not found HU forum useful,as so few postings.There are several groups on FB including one for Hashi's

  • who are you requesting a pm from on this thread?I have been on LDN since August,using a private doctor to raise a private scrip-recommended by the dispensing  chemist in Glasgow.I pay £25 every 3 months for the scrip.I pay £18 for the LDN,which has been lasting me 3 months but am now up to 2.5

  • me too please

  • Hi Naomi

    Try Dr Norman Poole at :

    He prescribed LDN for back in April. I live in East Kilbride.

    All the best


  • Thanks david.

    I have managed to raise a prescription online with Dr McCall through Dickson's Pharmacy,Glasgow,so am hopeful I will be getting LDN shortly.

    Thank you for your suggestion,which I will keep as a fall-back


  • Hi I would like to know the same thing, my doc checked yesterday whether she could prescribe me this and she can but it has to be authorised by a rhumetologist..she's going to contact mine but I don't really want to wait as I am due to start back to work as a staff nurse in June and I can't be taking all these pain meds... 😀😀

  • IKegsy46 I have been on LDN since August & have joined 4 FB groups for LDN users.

    PM me if you need more info.

    I did not use my GP but she provided me with the letter needed to get a private prescription from the Dr the pharmacy recommended.

    The whole process was very quick & easy once I got my letter confirming I have an underactive thyroid.

    I started on .5mg & raised very slowly.Am on 2.5mg & expect to settle on 3,STTM report many Hashi's settle on 3mg maintenance.

  • Whose checks your dosage ? If its you how do you know if you did it to be stronger or weaker ?  Finally are you still taking your NHS meds or have you come off them??  So.... how do you feel ??

  • I am dosing according to recommendations by other users.Now on 3.0,started on .5 August.I have also been on T3-only since August & am trialling reducing T3 & adding NDT.I am going on how I feel & using pulse & BP,too.I do not use basal temp,as mine is stuck at 36.2 after being hypo for too long,ending up with stressed adrenals,after T4 monotherapy for 18 years.

    I do not believe LDN is a cure for Hashimoto's.I am not intending to stop thyroid replacement.I am looking to increase my quality of life & wellbeing,and possibly a slight reduction in dose of thyroid replacement.

    So far,I am experiencing much improvement in energy & wellbeing,but as I have been changing from thyroxine to liothyronine then to  liothyronine with NDT,plus LDN,going GF & supplementing with iron,vit C,B12,D3 with K,other Bs,zinc,magnesium,folate etc,I cannot say what's doing what!I intend to take a Blue Horizon test that includes antibodies.

  • Hi, I've just ordered Naltrexone from <online source>. I have used them several times before for other medication, thyroxine etc. And have never had a problem. Recommended on a thyroid website. Good luck

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  • Hi Oliviasbid

    can you PM me with the online source you use for Naltrexone

    Thanks Magony

  • your reply is showing as "Hidden"so cannot PM you.PM me for LDN prescribing chemist

  • Hi

    I went online to and emailed them. I sent them a copy of my original blood tests showing high thyroid antibodies and they accepted me and I was able to order online. It was nice and simple.

    Good luck.

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