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Ectopic heartbeat

My old friend ectopic heartbeat is tapping me on the shoulder again. I had it at its worst just before I was diagnosed and it tends to tear its head when I need an increase. Trouble is my endo insisted I had a blood test on a day when I'd taken my armour and t3 was slightly over at 6.9. I have made an increase myself to 2.5 from the prescribed 2 but know I could do with another increase. When I dared to suggest this at my appt he flatly refused. Despite the fact he agrees I'm not over medicated when he checked me. I'm really struggling with tiredness and irritability. I feel morose. I had another blood test and this time didn't take anything so hopefully this will show a different result.

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I personally believe that we should be allowed to have some say in our doses. It's us who have the symptoms and if an increase solves these I don't see the problem. The problem is if endos and doctors try to keep us 'within range' instead of well, that's where conflict can occur.

I hope your test this time shows that you need an increase. This is an excerpt from Dr Lowe and it's a great pity that doctors haven't the same knowledge:

Dr. Lowe: No doctor can intelligently decide what a patient should do with her thyroid hormone dosage solely by the results of thyroid lab tests. We can make informed decisions about dosage only when we know the patient's clinical status and have the results of physical exam procedures. Most endocrinologists and other conventional doctors would likely disagree with me about this. But their belief that they can determine correct dosages solely by lab test results is a major reason that millions of hypothyroid patients chronically suffer from hypothyroid symptoms despite taking thyroid hormone. I wish you success in your treatment.


He made me feel like a child and kept hushing me when I tried to speak. He came out with the "anyone would feel better on thyroxine, I would feel better on thyroxine!" Yeah right. However, he did say as long as you feel better I don't care how you got there (referring to allowing me armour). So he's not all bad. In the meantime though I'm suffering so he can stay within guidelines. It's nonsense

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Well your doctor is wrong, I was worse on levothyroxine not 'better' and my TSH was 100.

I hope you feel better soon. I am well now, thankfully, on T3 only.


Jeez 100? I can't begin to imagine how dreadful you must've felt!


I'm fine now, thankfully and if you click on my name you can read my profile. Many people aren't diagnosed as their TSH isn't high enough and others remain undiagnosed as doctors nowadays rarely know symptoms. We can get well but we need sufficient hormones or an alternative to levo even some T3.


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