Hi. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my Thyroid. Yesterday in work I went to the loo....I remember walking away from my desk. Then the next thing I'm on the toilet pan. I panicked and thought I had wemy straight into the mens toilet. I couldn't remember walking down the stairs to get to the ladies. I kinda felt all weird. I also think I forgot to take my levotheroxine yesterday....could this be an effect. Or was I just acting weird and I'm. OK.

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  • I am glad to say you are fine. If your quite newly diagnosed and even sometimes when on optimum we can still have experiences like you describe.

    Often our mind can go blank, particularly if we are about to do something and it is annoying as well as sometimes disturbing.

    Don't worry too much.

  • Thanks for your reply. Was just worrying as i was in work. Xx

  • Many things we do on automatic pilot, i.e. getting to work without much thought of how we get there etc. as it's more or less automatic pilot.

    I am sure things will settle down for you.

  • Oh Yes I know I've prob got too much going on just now. Thanks for notifying me on the reply button xxx

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