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strange Armour experience

I have a few unopened bottles of Armour, all expiring in mid-2016. I decided to open one of them today (I have been on Erfa lately and doing fine, so it was actually stupid of me to even consider going back on Armour...). I was on Armour a few years ago, felt great on it for the first six months (until mid-2012), then went downhill and switched to Erfa. I used to chew Armour up, and remember the pills being rather hard but not tasting awful.

However, this morning, the pill felt softer, and my hand looked covered in fluor just from holding it between two fingers. I chewed it up, it broke easily, but tasted horrible that there is no way I could take this for the rest of my life, at least not if I have to chew it up.

I cannot really trust my memory, but I don't recall the pills being this soft or tasting this bad back in 2011-12, when I first went on Armour, or I would never had been able to take it for six months...

Has anyone else experienced this?

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My husband has been on armour for over 8 years so both formulations and he has had no problem or comment on either version

and he can be a real fusspot


Can I ask you if your husband chews the pills up, swallows them, or takes them sublingually?


A few years ago, armour was re formulated. The new stuff was aparantly harder, less crumbly and didnT smell as bad. It also didnT suit a lot of people and there was a lot of posts about how people were suddenly ill and hypothyroid again.

Recently I think that armour has changed again and people are once again taking it.... It sounds like you did badly on the re formulated stuff and now have some of the original formula?

This is all as I remember it, I personally have never tried it. I take thiroyd or Naturethroid.

Xx g


But would the original formula not taste sweet, like Erfa? The Armour I have now does not taste sweet at all.


I have no idea I have never Tried it. Maybe someone lse will comment?

Xx. G


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