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How long before you started to feel better?


Have been taking NDT for a week, but haven't yet noticed any improvement. Have felt pretty awful this afternoon, as I do most afternoons. I'm sure one week isn't long enough! But it would be interesting to hear from other people so I have a rough idea. I just can't wait to feel better :)

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Hi Sip1

You haven't completed your profile so I don't know your history. If you have been taking levo before going onto NDT, levo takes about six weeks to leave your system. You also have to get to an optimum dose of whatever you chose for you to feel well. These are some hints which may be helpful.

sip1 in reply to shaws

Sorry I should have said, no I haven't taken anything up until now, so just the NDT. I'm currently on one grain, so a way to go yet. Just be nice to know what to expect I suppose, although I appreciate it's different from person to person :)

Are you self medicating?

sip1 in reply to sheenah

Yes I am Sheenah. Haven't had any support from any doctor I've seen, and the endo I saw told me I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

I noticed a difference in my sleepiness within days, gradually over about a month all my symptoms went. But I had been supplementing my dreadful iron levels & B12, Nutri Adrenal etc for about 8 weeks before I started NDT.

Which NDT? Like HarryE, I gradually began to raise it by 1/4 of grain - once I went too far too soon and quickly backed it down the next dose - I feel tons better although not quite there yet - might be a good idea to put a direct question out on the forum about increasing your doses, and as Harry says making sure your other vits and mins are in good enough supply. xx

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