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Prolonged high pulse rate after vigorous exercise

Hi guys I'm new to the community and looking forward to getting involved. I'm a 43 year old male with a history of various health problems including fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety, night sweats which subsided fairly significantly after an anti candida program.

I still have, and have had as long as I can remember in recent years, a very high heart rate after vigorous exercise. I'm a keen cyclist and if I go out for an hour or two its usually not a major issue. But after a prolonged spell of exercise such as the 6 hours I did at the weekend on a trip with my friends, my heart rate remains at something like 120-130 for anything up to 15 hours or so. This makes it very difficult to sleep as I usually wake with my pulse racing and despite being worn out, can't get back to sleep again.

I'm wondering if this could be thyroid related. A few years ago I had my heart checked out after reporting this to my GP and I had a VERY thorough cardio MOT including ECG, exercise ECG, 24 hour ECG and ultrasound. Everything came back fine !

Many thanks, look forward to reading your comments.

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I should also mention that I had my thyroid checked out by my GP around 4-5 years ago and everything came back "OK"


Misterfrostie, a lot can change in 5 years. It is certainly worth requesting a thyroid function test to check things are still ok. Have the blood draw early in the morning and don't eat or drink anything other than water as TSH is highest early and fasting.

Ask for a printout of the results with the lab ref ranges and post them in a new question for comment.


Perhaps it may be sensible to have the heart testing repeated?

As regards being told that your thyroid test came back 'OK', it would be worth asking for copies of the blood test results. You're entitled to these although there may be a small charge.

Many of us have found out that GPs aren't clued up on thyroid issues and interpreting blood test results.


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