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Bayliss and Cronin

Not solicitors or a clothes shop - but doctors.

This freely-accessible paper by Sir Richard Bayliss and its discussion of The Citadel by A J Cronin seems well worth a read by anyone interested in the history of thyroid and "myxoedema madness".

A copy of The Citadel is available at about two pounds including postage in the UK from abebooks - and I am sure other copies abound. Well worth reading, in my opinion.

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This is fascinating Rod, especially having been there myself.

I used to think people were trying to poison me and were following me all the time (though I was slightly aware of the absurdity of this belief) and my itching was due to food allergies. One by one I gave up all foods, still at 7pm I started to itch like hell, so it could not be that, then it was fleas from the dogs but they didn't have any! As a last resort I hit upon dust mites and as these were everywhere it seemed to be a perfectly satisfactory explanation. Why they only came out at 7pm did not enter into it. A little voice did keep telling me I had gone insane. It was the strangest thing ever to go completely bonkers and come up with ridiculous explanations for my symptoms, which at the time seemed perfectly logical. But on another level knowing it was crazy.

Pity The Citadel is not widely read anymore, especially by medics.

I wonder how many people reach this advanced stage of illness even today?


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