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After 3 1/2 years

I have been feeling unwell for 3 1/2 years and have been back and forward to GP. I got referred to gastro who whilst doing several blood tests, tested my thyroid. In the results letter she wrote that my TSH is 0.3 and T4 is normal (no actual figure). I have nearly all the symptoms of hypothyroidism apart from hair loss and dry eyes. Does this result make sense? Consultant on leave and blood results not received by GP

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It would help if you obtain a copy of your blood test results with ranges, you're entitled to these although there may be a small charge. Write to the Practice Manager. When you've received them just post up on here and members can comment.

Never believe a doctor when they use the word 'normal'. Additionally many of us have found that GPs have little knowledge of thyroid disorders.

Don't be fobbed off.


Thanks for replying. I suspected my thyroid ages ago but just kept bring told blood tests were normal. I'm so fed up with feeling ill. I finally gave up and agreed to anti depressants the other day. I'm going to call the consultants secretary on Monday and get the actual results from her.



Many of us have found that they've "little knowledge". FULL STOP.

But that doesn't prevent them from writing crap in our medical records and prescribing crap as well.


Without the actual results and reference ranges we cant tell you

but " normal " means zilch

There are other things which mimic Hypothyroid which need excluding like

Pernicous Aneamia

Environmental toxins like Aluminium ,mercury . anti depressants , other hormone inbalances


And vitamin D deficiency is another one.....your GP can test for this with a simple blood test. Make sure you always ask/get print out of results amd keep a file of them -they can be useful to refer back to and for spotting trends.

You could ring your consultants secretary re yor results and put a request in for them whic your consultant cam authorise when back. My experience is that consultants don't normally send blood test actual results to GP just their advice on what they me a and how to action. Xx


Thanks for replies. I'm glad I found this site as I thought I was going mad. I knew there was something wrong with me but couldn't get any answers. Now I'm armed with a bit more knowledge and will make sure I get to the bottom of it. Fed up of feeling rubbish.


I managed to get a copy of my results today. Can anyone have a look and tell me what they think please.

TSH 0.3 (0.4-5.0)

FREE T4 13 (9-19)

SERUM VIT B12 590 (189-883)

SERUM FOLATE 13.7 (4.8-19.0)

They mean very little to me. All I know is I've been having symptoms of hypothyroidism for a long time and I'm fed up. I've been looking at the pituitary glands function and I'm not sure if it's more that than thyroid. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks


Your bloods look pretty good to me -but I am not a medic. I would get your vitamin D checked out.


Here's a post re vitamin D -


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