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Just got back from my doctors after being on 75 m of levothyroxine for the past couple of years and they looked into the actual results of my blood test to say oh sorry the last 2 doctors you've seen haven't looked into the results properly they should of put you up an extra 100 m and that's why you haven't felt well , REALLY , you tell your doctor you feel suicidal where you're so unwell , tired , losing hair etc etc and they don't even look in your results properly it only takes a few mins , I am so annoyed as I have been telling them for such a long time that I wasn't feeling any better and there was something wrong , doctors should be held responsible for leaving a patient so ill for sp long but I was just told that my doctor will look into it 😭

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Welcome to the forum, Samjannotti75.

Do you mean you should have been prescribed 100mcg or 175mcg? Dose increases are usually in 25mcg increments. Please don't increase to 175mcg in one go.

If you can summon the energy I think you should formally complain in writing to the practice manager. If a GP is incapable of reading and interpreting thyroid results s/he needs more training.

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Everyone should demand a print of their blood test results. At least then, someone will analyze them. Tell them you want to chart your progress even if they don't. There is so much neglect and it seems nothing moves them to action. Shameful.


The NHS advice on this specifically says that you do NOT have to provide a reason.

I don't think what you have suggested is an awful idea, or even a bad idea. But I happen to think that feeling the need to provide reason is the result of pressure from the surgery - whether real or imagined, intended or inadvertent.

We should be able to ask and never even consider giving a reason. We should be trying to ensure a culture in which people ask if they want to know and never feel they have to justify their requests.

Formal requests under the Data Protection Act

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have a legal right to apply for access to health information held about you. This includes your NHS or private health records held by a GP, optician or dentist, or by a hospital.

A health record contains information about your mental and physical health recorded by a healthcare professional as part of your care.

If you want to see your health records, you don't have to give a reason.


My GP clinic and every consultant I've seen for my son has been really good about this. But I live in an area where everyone seems to have multiple degrees and professional qualifications, so the patients probably all know their rights and have trained the medical staff! My friend in a deprived part of the East End had problems getting a print out, she might have been the first to ask. So in asking, we are helping everyone else.


Formally complain it will stop them doing it again to someone else. Get your results trust no one!

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Yes, knowing how to interpret your results is pretty vital with this condition. I trusted doctors to my regret....their competence is so varied. I am also annoyed!

Hope you feel better on the increased dosage :)


Over 30 years ago,feeling very ill, a very good friend suggested I have my thyroid checked. I made an appointment and asked for my thyroid to be checked. My then doctor held my hand and looked at my nails and said "Nothing wrong with your thyroid - I'll do a test to keep you quiet". Some days later I had a call from the surgery to visit urgently - my thyroid wasn't working. I was immediately put on thyroxine. To this day I have never had an apology.


Hi Sam, I think you do have cause for a formal complaint there. To be honest, I definitely would. It's a very clear-cut case of negligence and they don't have a leg to stand on. It's relatively easy to do, you can download the info you need. Go on, do it - they should feel the weight of your wrath!

It actually will help you; you'll feel better psychologically, plus you'll find the doctors concerned won't be in such a hurry to treat you badly again. You'll also help others because the docs will buck up - at least for a while!


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