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Low blood pressure

I've been on ndt for 7 days. Noticed by going down. When I started ndt it was 125/71, then increased to 133/87 last 2 days plummeted and today was 115/65. I do have a naturally low blow but this is way too low. I have decided to increase ndt up to 1 grain and see if it makes a difference. I've also purchased thermometer though not sure what I should look for. Any help will. Be appreciated. Thanks

Edit: My blood pressure today is 60/101 not as previously stated, that was yesterday's reading

My temp. Is 36.8

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Sandcastle, Allow your body time to get used to NDT and let your bp settle down before increasing. Increases should be no sooner than every 2 weeks.

I've edited your post to merge the info from your 2nd post.


Try adding salt, preferably Celtic or Himalayan. This will help to raise your body temperature, raise your bp, and hasten your metabolism in general. I began by adding butter, salt, sugar and cream to my morning coffee. Just 3 pinches of Himalayan salt. The coffee is delicious that way, and it's a huge metabolism boost. I was able to raise my bp up from 90/60 to 120/80 by adding salt to my diet - additionally I ate a lot of ice cream - meaning about a cup a day. Lowering your water intake, and raising your salt, sugar, and saturated fats is every hypothyroid's dream. For more on this, check out Matt Stone's books on Diet Recovery, Diet Recovery 2, and Eat for Heat - you can find them on Amazon. The first one, Diet Recovery, is available for free on Kindle.


Interesting. I very rarely use salt so will give this a go. I never thought it would be healthy to eat Ice cream, sugar ! I have been having cravings for sweet stuff but that is probably me and not connected.


actually, it is very connected. cravings are your body's way of communicating to you what it needs. pay attention to salt and sugar cravings, always, and when you get them, eat what it is your craving with full enjoyment, without guilt, knowing that you are giving your body exactly what it needs.


Bought the Himalayan salt, so here goes! Thank you


Enjoy! :-)


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