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Finally got an increase

Saw GP this afternoon due to ongoing symptoms.

Brought hubby along for support. I told him that as I have Hashimotos I needed my tsh at 1 or below and t4 high. He looked at me as if to say "how do you know all this". Lol. I basically told him I wasn't leaving his office till he gave me increase. So I now will be taking 100mcg every day. I also got a referral to an endo about my b12 whoo hoo.!!!!

Thanks to everyone on this site for pointing me in the right direction. Xx

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Well done, Annette. I hope the increase makes you feel better. Is the referral to your husband's endo?


Yes Clutter it is , so feeling at last I'm getting somewhere. Yes I do hope the increase helps with symptoms. Thanks again for your advice Cluttee. Xx


Well done to you.


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