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Hi All

Please do not take this personal, But are there any Black, african Americans onsite dealing with an underactive thyroid. The reason why I ask is because my hair and skin has changed dramatically and I am wanting to know there experiences and stories on the above. My hair has fallen out turned from long, to short, I have had to shave it! from soft, shiny and silky to course, wiry and just plain old tuff :(

I have lost a lot of it about 60% going from a full body head to being able to see straight to my scalp.

My skin is dry which I know its usual for all sufferers, but mine is dark, dry, desert like its real ashy!

If there is anyone out I would just like to converse :)

No disrespect or discrimination to anyone, although I do know some people who have a thyroid problem, such as my mother, she did not have much of any of the symptoms, and still has all her hair on her body and overall health. I am 29 bedridden and basically feel stripped of myself in and out and my womanity!

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Hi Stormx,

I'm not African-American but mixed race, I am half African and half British (my British parent has an American father too if that helps lol!). I had several problems with hair and skin etc etc and lost over 50% of my hair of which I have now managed to get most back with more growing in. If you think I could help, just pm me and we could chat :)


Hi Mikka

Nice hearing from you, am i right in assuming you are British, because I myself am to. Yes I would love to chat with you and hear about our experience.


Yes, I'm British :) I thought you must be American since you were asking about African-Americans.

I will compose a message to you later on when I get home and let you know what worked for me.


Please send me the info im 48 and just was diagnosed a year ago i had those symptoms also and i am african American hair grew beautifully then start falling in patches now im having trouble with my knees and legs hurting inside i took biotin it help for a little while the. Stopped .


No I meant Black and Afro Americans, I understand that Americans use different terminologies and I did not want to offend.

Also I believe Healthunlocked are international. :)


Hi Stormx, I am of Caribbean decent and know exactly how you feel. Two years ago my hair started breaking off really badly and I was at my wits end. I went from having healthy thick hair to coarse, brittle and patchy hair. I had to get it cut and even then it continued to break! I was told this was until my body got used to the meds. I spent loads on better quality hair products and vitamins, which hopefully helped a little bit. It has taken a while to grow back, but I think it is improving now, although it is still not as thick but that could be due to my age - 52. Hang in there. It does improve. Eat and drink well and keep both the skin and hair moisturised.


Hi soneyp

I am trying to hang in there, staying strong thank you for getting back to me.


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