Went to Gp today to broach the subject of me self sourcing T3 and whether he could support me with this. He told me that he has had the letter back from the Endocrinologist saying they have discharged me but also stating that I have a problem converting T4 to T3. Funny that...you'd think they might want to inform me of their conclusions wouldnt you before discharging me with nothing but T4 and saying there was nothing else they could do.

My Gp is going to write to them and request that they try me with a bit of T3 given that they have put this in writing. I'm not holding my breath.

Hope everybody is ok.

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  • Karunablue, not only should your endo have discussed it with you. s/he should also cc you on the letter sent to your GP. Your GP sounds helpful.

  • kadunablue,

    Your endo doesn't sound very committed to getting you better.

    Remember you can choose any endo on the national health service. It might be time for a change.


  • Oh, thanks for this information, about choosing any endo - where can I source this information, and how can I find an endo who might be at least more helpful than the one described above?


  • Could I have the same info please re choosing Endo on NHS.

    Thank you.

  • When your doctor refers you to an endo, it is your legal right to be able to choose any national health consultant in that field. Remember you may only see one of his team but a lot of consultants like to see patients themselves at their first out patients appointment.

    There is a list of sympathetic endos complied from members positive experiences. Email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for a copy.

    Remember waiting lists are very long for an endo worth seeing.


  • This is only true in England in Wales you can only choose an endo from your own health board area. Life in Wales in rubbish as far as the NHS goes, even worse than England

  • Thank you...think I must have misunderstood the thyroid UK list as a list of endos to be seen privately. I'm learning­čśŐ

  • There are private and national health endos and doctors on the list.

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