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How long with Hoshimotos

I went to another doctor yesterday, and without so much as an exam of my neck, or a listen with a stethoscope, he told me he would not treat me with synthroid because my thyroid labs are normal. TPO over 600, but thyroid labs normal. Symptoms debilitating, quality of life really bad. Vitamin D low so I take 3000 units per day of chewables. Testosterone also low, but this doctor actually came out and said to me I'm a woman, I dont need testosterone. Give me a break, going to get on a thyroid diet of some sort as best im able to. How long will it take for my labs to be abnormal enough to be treated? How much longer do I have to feel like this? When will I know my body is in serious trouble? It seems that is what these doctors at waiting for. So in the meantime, I will be worried to drive far with two kids, losing my ability to concentrate and live normally like I used to. This is my fourth doctor and I'm tired of being ignored but it seems to be how it is. How long am I going to wait until my labs show how sick I am?

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Clutter gave some good advice in your last post/thread. It was about seeking information from Louise about the Pulse article that you could show your Doc. Did you manage to do that ? It sounded helpful advice to me.....


Yea doctors where I'm from DONT listen to anyone. They aren't going to read something ankh doctor wrote and do what they say. It doesn't work that way here. I'll try to show my PCP and see if he will at least draw any newer labs to see what's changed


..if it is presented in the right way it is surprising what can happen. If you do not try how do you know ? Please look at my edited profile by clicking onto my name - perhaps I had to learn for myself and then approach the Docs ..... You have to make things happen methinks.....

:-) :-)


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