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I was diagnosed with thrombophlebitis in my left leg about 8/9 weeks ago and have had Hyperoid Cream, Amnitryptiline; then changed to Nortryptiline due to side effects. I have been using My leg is still very painful. Two weeks ago Iwas prescribed Voltarol 2.32% but the pain in my leg is no better and I now have pain in my left foot. I was originally told that this condition could last up to 6 weeks. I have exppressed my concerns to my GP but not overly concerned. I'm due to fly abroad in 4 weeks' time and am becoming increasingly concerned about DVT developing. Has anyone any experience of phlebitis, treatment and duration


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I am sorry you are in pain with phlebitis. You don't say whether you are also being treated for a thyroid gland dysfunction and are you also on levothyroxine?

I haven't had phlebitis and hope some member will be able to respond to you. The following seems like good advice.


Thank you for that link, very helpful

I have underactive thyroid since 2000. Medication seems to be stable now


When you say 'stable' I assume you mean you are well with no symptoms? I hope so.


I have no symptoms relating to my underactive thyroid.

Just other health issues


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