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Thyroid and Vitamin A


Like many, I have multiple conditions, including Hashi thyroid. I started taking Vitamin A, 10,000 iu daily, for COPD and take D from Drs for osteoporosis. Now Im feeling really tired and cold all the time even in the lovely weather and it appears to link to the Vitamin A.

Is anyone here taking it and finding the same thing?


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What form of vitamin A are you taking?



thanks for reply. I have been taking HealthAid but ingredients may have been on the box only. Threw that so cant check. , just says Palmitate on the front in tiny print, and on the side Vitamin A, Vitamin D and that's it. Free from yeast, gluten, wheat, starch, dairy, sugar, salt, artificial color and flavour and preservatives.

Im switching in a week or so to Country Life capsules, contents are Gelatin, glycerin, purified water, (capsule shell), medium chain triglycerides. Contains fish (cod).

100% bovine gelatin, BSE-free.


Looks like this is the actual ingredient:

I was asking because preformed and non-preformed vitamin A are very different to each other. Sorry - I don't have an answer.


its ok. Thankyou for trying. x


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