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Hi Sue if you get an endo locally please pm me as im suffering too.Ive been diagnosed with Hashimotos bit Levo has made only aslight Imimprovement. Today I have woken up feeling nauseous and achy like ive got the flu . miserable to spend the bank holiday weekend feelin lousy.I had plans to go to Chester zoo with my daughter but again will be cancelling.It a good job its raining otherwise the families wiuld be disappointed yet again with me .

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Hi vandewalle0

You have requested Sue to send you details. I am not sure who Sue is but if you also email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk she has a list of doctors.

I am sorry you are feeling so rough and hope you feel better soon and you cannot enjoy your day out with your family


Hi Shaws thanks for replying. Ive had the list from the link and thennearest is london You would think that there would be a nearer one.I will take another look perhaps its been updated.Thanks x


Maybe put a new post up as your heading above doesn't give the info you require. I travelled to Birmingham to see Dr Skinner and live 100 miles away and don't drive. Something like: Good Endocrinologst in the Merseyside area please?

In the para put by Private Message only. I got a good price of a train ticket by Trainline for a day return.

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When you have auto-immune conditions - I am afraid it is a question of learning and reading as much as possible. We are all so different and find that different things help. It would seem that you are going from under to over active - which can happen with Hashimotos. Endos are not so helpful with the fine tuning unfortunately.

Do you have any results you could post - with their ranges ? Are you supplementing for the things that are normally low - B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD.... ?

Do you have gut issues ? Sometimes with Hashimotos the T4 tablet does not convert into the ACTIVE T3 - so you need to know that reading. Take a look at my edited Profile by clicking onto my name and you can see it can be a complicated journey :-) Patience is required and there is no quick fix.....

If you would like advice about websites/books etc. then please do ask....


Hi hope you found one .I know a great one otherwise in your area



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