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Singapore Sling

Greetings from Singapore.

Some of you who read Dr Kendrick's recent post on treating thyroid patients like children may have noticed a passing reference to Singapore.

Yes, we have been catapulted backwards, not forwards, as far as hormone treatments are concerned.

We are battling the authorities who want to take away our bioidentical hormones (BHRT) and NDT.

We may be half way round the world but madness knows no boundaries.

Please see 'Hormone Choice Singapore' and on Facebook.

We need as much support as possible so please 'like' us on FB and add any useful comments.


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Oh dear, I have only just seen the posting rules.

Admin, please edit as you see fit. Thanks.


Welcome to the forum Birdsnest60.

It's not a posting breach to link to your website about your campaign, nor to ask members to like your page on FB to support your campaign. I've edited your post to make the website link clickable.

I hope you are able to prevail on the authorities to allow the treatment of NDT and BHRT, it's obviously very worrying, and I wish you every success.


I smell Big Pharma. Never far off when something rotten is in the air


Thank you Clutter, and Bluedaffodil I think you are right!

Pity us patients who just want to feel better and get well.


I clicked on like to support you but the number of likes didn't increase. Hope there is a delayed reaction!


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