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B12 Injections and Recovery of Health

Hi all,

Follow on from my first B12 Jab on Monday. As I stated, it made an improvement immediately in my health. But it was short lived ! Monday and Tuesday I saw some significant improvement - then Wednesday I was back to aching all over stiff joints Knees and ankles swollen.

Also had my second B12 Injection Wednesday Morning, in the arm this time. I thought I'd improve after having the second jab; but NO, I'm still suffering the aching and stiff joints. Tried a one mile walk to get the legs and body moving; but the soles of my feet were hot and extremely sore; it was very difficult walking; only way to describe what It felt like is : as though I was walking without my feet being on the end of my legs ! Does that sound stupid? I've experienced this phenomena several times over the past 12, months. Anyone else had the same feeling? Hope to see some improvement after the 6, B12 injections. Going for my third B12 injection tomorrow. Also hoping to get some folic acid 5mg tablets.

Has anyone else gone through this and come out of it in good health and achieved their sporting fitness again. I really want to be able to get back running - swimming and cycling again! is there hope?

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The loading dose is: every other day until resolution of symptoms. Usually 6 shots. After that, the nhs rations you to one shot every 3 months (but if you live in scotland, every 8 weeks) - not enough. i need a shot every few weeks so get my own product and self inject. It is simpler than banging your head against the NHS brick wall.

Do not despair, you can inject with diabetic needles (despite what the nhs will tell you) and if i can do it, anyone can.

Good luck. Please do not let the nhs destroy your quality of life.


Hi Blue daffodil,

I always thought you need to inject in to a Muscle ? that would require at least a needle of 1.1/4 inches minimum.

I'm on my second, actually having the third of 6, injections tomorrow.

Follow up after the 6; jabs is every three months.

I have however bought some Jarrows Methylcobalamin Sublingual Tablets 5000mcg in preparation for the three month wait.

I'll look in to the possibility of injecting Hydroxocobalamin with Diabetic needles; do they get anywhere near the muscle?


No, it is a sub cutaneous injection, you do it into any fatty area you have. Intra-muscular injections go into a muscle. If you can survive on a shot every 3 months good luck to you. I am not prepared to have reduced quality of life to safe the nhs a few quid.

Sub cue is quick, easy and convenient and best of all, virtually painless. I have been using sub cue only for a couple of years now, i will never have another painful IM if i can help it.

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Sounds a lot easier than IM. Where do you buy the hydroxocobalamin and your sub cue syringe ?


Syringes are available on ebay or amazon. Just look for the insulin ones.

The amps are on prescription in UK (ridiculous) but over the counter in South Africa and Thailand, where btw you can also get Vit C, iron and adrenalin amps over the counter.

The amps are actually quite cheap in UK, however a private gp consult will cost around £80, although the GP i sometimes use will do a script for 3 x prescriptions before you need to go back.

You can also buy online without prescription, which thankfully i have not yet had to do. I am sure others will pm you some reliable online sources


Thanks BlueDaffodil,

It's an option I may have to consider after my 6, loading injections? At the moment I'm having problems when walking any distance, the soles of my feet are buzzing when I walk; and my hip - knee and ankle joints are swollen and stiff. I'm hoping the other 3, remaining injections will ease these symptoms; Painful to walk at present.


I needed the full 6 before i started feeling half normal. I had PA for years but NHS told me it was just stress. Went private to get the diagnosis, no apologies from the nhs of course. Since they already mismanaged my hashimoto's, there was no way I was going to give them chance to do the same with PA.

It is very empowering to be able to give yourself an injection when you need it, as opposed to when the nhs tells you you can have it to save them a few quid.

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