Feeling awful today

Aching all over today...Couldn't get up and feed the kids and take the dogs out........... All night long turned n tossed, cause of heavy achey feet/legs, aching joints..l can't even hold a cup of tea which my child made me. Crying along with my kids. No family/no friends..Can it get worse ..relying on the messages coming from outside of your community..so sorry to be pain today. Not a good day..Jools9

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  • So sorry you feel like this, I can sympathise with you. Do you have any magnesium, I've found this to help with aches and pains.

  • Thx Lynn..as soon as I'mback on my feet l'll get some from Boots. Jools9

  • Well, as said before we need to see your blood test results.

    I started a virus a couple of weeks ago, which started with aching all over. Not quite as severe as you describe but then I didn't start with the problems you are describing. It progressed to an agonising throat, and horrible ulcers under my tongue, then a cough and sore throat. Tow weeks on and I'm no longer coughing, but still can only walk the dogs for about 20 minutes!

  • The aching legs may be a deficiency in vitamin D or calcium. Worth asking your GP for a parathyroid test to test these levels. With mine (tested 5 years ago), I dont produce vitamin D at all so my levels were non-existant and I have had aching pains in the calves since childhood. I take calceos which are prescribed by my GP. Also, you could request a magnesium test from GP. I did. Although, I dont have the results to hand (they were in range, but even someone in range can still be deficient) as I am not up yet either due to a night of hardly any sleep also grr. My lack of sleep is down to very high stress levels though and although I go to bed 10pm, any noise I hear sends me back and fore the window and I'm quite hypervigilant. With the magnesium, i got mine from the health food shop as I take the vegan ones (solgar brand). They come in 100 strength and up to 2 tablets a day can be taken. I am not sure what the ones in Boots are like as being vegetarian when it comes to supplements I either get them online or from healthfood stores because I need the free from vegan versions.

  • Dear Jools9, my heart goes out to you.I know that the pain creates depression that can increase the pain because it keeps hope at bay. Have you reached out to any Social Services or local church's. If these services are not available in your area have you tried calling a Help Line? Prayer by you and your children will help. Gather your children and begin a prayer session every day and night. Ask for your children's need and yours too. I will pray for Jesus to ease your pain and lift your depression. You are loved and will receive the blessing of healing by prayer.

    Love to you

  • Dear Jilliemo; thank you for your kind words and so sorry to upset you. Sometimes pain takes over your brain. To be honest the minute you reach out to the social services..no need to say..l hope l will never need them.. l pray all the time but l'm very private. Keep thinking if something happens to me probably no one will know for days, or my dogs would eat the rest of me..lllghh..

    l'm back on my feet now, got to feed the kids, keep praying, keep hoping that tomor will be better than today even it's not, l ve to teach my kids not to give up never give in; l'd have to drag my body around . No rest until I die. Jools9

  • Jools, there's no history in your Profile so I am assuming you have hypothyroidism. What dose of levothyroxine are you taking and are you taking it first thing with one glass of water and leaving about an hour before eating?.

    When were you diagnosed as you should have another blood test after six weeks and increase in dose.

    I can completely understand how you are feeling at present but I didn't have young children to care for and they are most likely looking after Mum at present.

    Try not to worry to much about the 'sensations' and they are very scary if you've never experienced them before but they are clinical symptoms.

    If you were diagnosed about six weeks ago make an appointment for the earliest possible blood test, fasting but you can drink water. Leave 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take afterwards.

    Get a print-out of the results with the ranges and post for comments from members.

    You will get better but your thyroid hormone replacements dose has to keep pace, They are gradually increased.

  • Dear shows, l ve never said that I have it because my doctor never did show me my blood test results and said aren't l lucky...people like speak with they say to me that I look like someone who has hypothyroidism or hasimoto.. l can't medicate myself. Even my mum said she has been using it for ages which l didn't know.. she also like need a new blood test done..l think l need to find a new GP.. am sorry if l've confused you somehow . jools 9

  • No need to apologise. I just assumed you'd been diagnosed. I think you should go to the surgery and ask for a copy of your blood test results you had with the ranges. If they were not for thyroid hormones I'd ask for a new one and request TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3 and antibodies. Post it on the forum and you will get responses. If doctor wont do them all you can, if you can afford it, get a private one. Even if the doctor does the basic TSH, T4, T3 and antibodies would be better than nothing.

    Most doctors have no clue about diagnosing by symptoms and they've been told to go by the TSH only. Sometimes ours don't rise high enough.

    If you have hypothyroid it is very important that you are prescribed levothyroxine.

    I shall give you a list and you can tick off your symptoms.


  • I have almost ticked most of it some can't concentrate to understand to answer. What would you recommend l should with the list. Jools 9

  • Make an appointment with your doctor and say something to the effect (if you've already seen him before) that you have joined Healthunlocked Thyroiduk.org an NHS Choices for information and asked some questions and from the list you have these symptoms. (Hand him what you've ticked off) and say you've been advised to get a Full Thyroid Blood test, TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and antibodies. Also B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate and also say to him you understand if any are deficient your symptoms could be due to being deficient in these vitamins/minerals. You really want to be much better so your children have a quality of life with you.

    Say to him you know I have children to look after and I've been in such pain these past few days I had to turn to somehwere and this is the advice I've been given.

    When he offers a blood test it must be the very earliest possible and fast but you can drink water. Get breakfast when you get back home.

  • Thanks very much for your kind advice. I will most definitely be on the phone to the surgery tomor morning . Jools 9

  • Remain calm and pleasant (I do know we're really furious). You are right - he is wrong.

  • I most definitely will do..Don't worry..l don't usually jump up n down, nor screem, shout, curse.. l'm not that kind of person;even if I was;don't have the energy.. thank you for prepping me though. I will let you know how long get on. Jools9

  • Meant; how l get on. Jools9

  • By the way; l suppose it seems pointless to get a copy of my old blood test results or shall I get a new set of blood tests in your opinion. Sorry about the question,if doesn't make sense to you. My brain is a bit foggy lately l ask, then I forget and ask again. Sorry to be a pain.

    Jools 9

  • Hope you got some help from the doctors- it's a long road but you can feel better. I was hardly able to do much and now I am so much better. I tried NDT and finally I found the right level and felt relatively normal again. I know how it is when you have children and it's so hard to drag yourself through the day. Believe you will feel better than you do now- I felt like it was living hell but slowly and surely I dragged myself back to the light . Take care - love to you. X

  • Maria thank you for your kind words too.. it's 5.50am in the UK and l'm still wide awake.. sleeplessness is also wearing me out.. l m going to ring the surgery today.. jools9

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