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TSH apparently 0.08

I have been hypo since I was 16 years and now 48 years. My GP called me 3 months ago to say my tsh was 0.08 and to lower my dose from 175 to 150. Lamb to the slaughter, I adjusted my dose..I had felt vision whilst driving was an issue and so wondered if I had been too high at 175.

After a week, I became ill on the reduced dose and so went to alternate 150/175 days.

I picked up immediately but several weeks later eventually collapsed.

Had another blood test 0.08 again. Tried 150 and still couldn't get better.

I am now on 175 with hope this will work.

My pulse rate sits at 60 ish

I am weak and dizzy, very clammy

Any help?

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Strange how docs work! My tsh is 0.05 t4 good in range, t3 9.7 and out of range and not one doc has told me to reduce guess we are all different. Sounds like you need more and hope your 175 works


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