Pre-referral bloods

I've managed to get my GP to refer me to the Thyroid Clinic at Addenbrooke's Hospital, and shall be seeing one of Dr Woods' team. Happily, I have been instructed to have bloods done a couple of weeks prior and it's pretty much the full house: TSH, fT3, fT4, and two lots of antibodies (TPO and summat else).

Pretty pleased about this as reading others' experiences it sometimes seems to be a battle royale getting any of these done other than the intermittently useful TSH.

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Err... Don't count your chickens before they are hatched. You don't yet know what the lab will agree to do.

Well, if it's been requested by one of the big chiefs in the Thyroid team at Addenbrooke's then it shouldn't be a problem, and they'll have to answer to her. I will make sure my GP writes that they were requested by the Endocrinology clinic in the 'clinical information' box :)

Hope ypu manage to get bloods done and please keep us informed as to the outcome of your appointment.

Hi there, great to read this post. I have just fought my gp to get referred to the thyroid clinic at Addenbrookes as I'm newly pregnant and with a tsh 45. I've been given an appointment for end of July even though I asked gp to mark it urgent and the booking administrator told me that Addenbrookes will call me if they want to see me before then. Have you heard anything about urgent waiting times or others experiences at all? Thanks!! :-)

Will be interesting to know how you get on at Addenbrookes. Good luck!

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