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Tears at the supermarket,well nearly.

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What on earth is wrong with me.

Mid-week shop so not a lot to get but I just can't cope with the supermarket. Hubby was with me and likes to use the self service checkout,which I do not like and usually make him use them on his own. Today that stupid machine kept on "unexpected item in bagging area.". Not once but half a dozen times. I felt like kicking it and was almost in tears by the time we left.

The trouble is this sort of thing keeps happening. I'm so close to tears all the time. Why? is it high or low cortisol? Or perhaps it's not thyroid at all.

I'm 62, on 60 mg. T3. I'm trying to lose weight, which is a struggle but I eat a healthy vegetarian diet, gluten free.

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If your thyroid hormones aren't balanced it can make you feel terrible. In fact unbalanced hormones in general can make you feel terrible. Think of PMT and post baby blues.

Did the Adrenal Cocktail help with sleep or are you still struggling?

Sleep deprivation can make you feel unwell too.

We all cry for no reason sometimes. The trick is to sound off on this forum and get advice and sympathy from others who feel the same way.

Is it time to get yet more thyroid hormone blood tests done?

Hope you feel better soon.


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Thanks Flower, I'm sleeping better thank you. Perhaps it is time for a blood test. But they only test TSH. Thankfully my GP believes in treating the person rather than the results.

Ummm... you're going to hate me for saying this, but 'healthy' and 'vegetarian' are not words that go together really. The sad fact is, we are omnivores, we are designed to eat meat. We need animal products, animal fat, animal protein. That's the way we're built, the way nature designed us.

Now, Don't get me wrong, I do understand why people go veggie. In fact, I did it myself. And it was the worst thing I could have possibly done for my health. It tipped me over the edge and I became very, very hypo-sick. My personality changed, I lost all my friends, I lost my job, I really touched rock bottom and everybody hated me! (I could go on but I won't. This disease destroys lives.)

The strange thing is that lots of hypos go veggie... More than that, I would go as far as to say that 'going veggie' is a hypo symptom. So many hypos do it that it can't be a coincedence. A possibility is that our poor sick bodies find meat hard to digest, so look for other, more eaily digested sources of energy.

The main reasons that going veggie is bad for hypos is the difficulty getting enough protein and fat if we Don't eat animal products. Also, it tends to leave us very low on iron and B12. Now, you have probably thought about all this and are taking steps to remedy it, but a lot of people, when they say they have a 'healthy' vegetarian diet just mean that they eat a lot of salad. That is not healthy, that is a diet that is missing all the nutritional building blocks. And when you are hypo you have to be more careful about your diet than others.

There is also the problem that a lot of fruit and veg has goitrogenic properties. And they might be having an adverse effect on you if you still rely on your gland for some of your hormone. And vegetarians often eat a lot of soy for their protein. Which is not a good idea. Not only can humans not absorb the protein from soy, but it also stops you absorbing protein from other sources. Plus it is a goitrogen. Plus it also impededs the uptake of thyroid hormone by the cells. It can actually cause your hypothyroidism.

So, what to do to make sure you're as healthy as possible on a veggie diet? Firstly, make sure you're not reacting to any of the goitrogenic fruit and veg you're eating by doing an illimination diet.

Secondly, get your vits and mins tested : vit D, vit B12, folate, iron and ferritin. These must be at least mid-range for you to be able to use the hormone you're taking. And B12 should be at least 500, preferably higher.

Thirdly, made sure you're getting enough good fat : butter (if you eat butter, it's a super food!), olive oïl, avacados, coconut oïl. Eating fat doesn't make you fat, it's an essential nutrient.

Fourthly, revise your sources of protein. Do you at least eat fish? Or eggs? Or cheese? Soy is out, and lentils are goitrogenic... It's difficult. But hypos need more protein than others.

Even now I Don't eat much meat, but I Don't now avoid it like the plague. I eat a little chicken perhaps once or twice a week. I Don't like eating it - I Don't want to eat a sentient being - and I detest fish! But I know it's necessary for my health. I eat eggs, and cheese - eggs are a very good source of protein, minerals and vitamins.

But I do know all about the bursting into tears! During businuess meetings, walking down the street, parent-teacher evenings... You name it, I've cried at it! It is a hypo symptom. And it is so embarassing! But, it does get better, I promise you.

Hugs, Grey

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beaton in reply to greygoose

Hi Grey, Nice to hear from you.xx

You have mentioned some very good points and a lot of me agrees with you. BUT I was born a veggie, not that my family were but even as a young child I rejected meat and fish. My poor mother,post war shortages and a family to feed and I came along and bewildered her.

That apart I have had my B12 Iron etc. tested. I avoid goitrogens and soy. I love butter, preferably grassfed. and use both olive oil and coconut oil. I must admit I have to spice up both eggs and avocados to eat them, but I do try to eat them regularly.

I've been on an NHS weight loss course recently and upset the apple cart with my views on fat.

I'm reading up on 5 HTP at present but might also think I'll try to up my protein.

Thanks for replying and showing an interest.

Love Beaton.x

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greygoose in reply to beaton

Yes, well, NHS weight-loss course... Don't like the sound of that! lol Do they actually know that weight-gain is a symptom of hypo? It has little to do with what you eat - it's not because of over-eating, so how can a diet possibly cure it???

You sound like me, being born a veggie. I never much liked meat as a child - espcieally when I found out what it was! But, then again, the quality of the meat wasn't up to much in post-war Britain! But, I truly believe that I've been hypo since I was a child, so that could have something to do with it. However, there were times when I couldn't get enough of it - especially at Christmas, when we had special things like chicken and a leg of pork, rather than the ghastly breast of lamb and dreaded 'skirt' of beef! Ugh!

It's a thorny question, isn't it. And one I continually agonise over. And I end up hating food altogether, because I'm not very keen on vegetables, either! In fact, when I was a kid, I thought the dollop of green sludge on my plate (spring greens, apparently) was some kind of punishment for having done I knew not what! lol But since discovering stir fries, I'm more inclined to eat them... Oh, just give me a cheese sandwich, will you! I love bread!!!

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Hi Grey, I asked to see a dietitian (3 years ago and still waiting.) but was offered this course so I took it. it was supposed to be for people with health problems but they only seemed to know about diabetes. As I said I stirred things up with regard to fats and corrected them from time to time. Which my have helped others.

I've always loved fruit and veg. but like you said it has to be properly cooked. I think we grew up in an age of ignorance food wise and some of the bad habits die hard. So I try to educate people if I can,without offending them.

If you come to lunch I'll make you a cheese sandwich, gluten free with a salad on the side.x

Interestingly enough I developed the teary thing when I went hyper. If you are too high, that would explain the sleeping problems as well. I ended up alternating one dose one day and a slightly lower does the next and the symptoms went away. Is there anyway you could have a private blood test done for you Free T3 and Free T4?

I despise those self checkout machines for just the reason you describe! This is why I won`t use them. & will always go to a checkout with staff because I always end up having to call someone over anyway to help me with the glitches of the self checkout machines.

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beaton in reply to hairyfairy

Exactly and I like to think I'm helping the staff employed.

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