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Antibody test result!

I recently had my Anti-thyroid Peroxidase Antibody tested and it came back at 422. Doctor said she didn't have a range to compare it to and that the report said it was 'non-specific' so she couldn't confirm or deny I had Hashimoto's.

I have looked on the internet and seemed to have found several lab ranges for different NHS hospitals over the UK and they say anything below 50-75 is normal. Does this mean I have Hashi's??

I just want a definite answer!! How can it be non-specific? I either have it or I don't!!

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This seems to be a vague issue. I saw my lab results on the doctors computer and my TPO antibodies were 1618 with a range 1-100. It said underneath something like 'this result indicates possible hashimotos disease' or words to that effect. It didn't state a positive diagnosis.

I guess the lab leave it for the doctor to interpret, but then again doctors don't seem to give much weight to the level of antibodies.

But I think you can take it you have autoimmune thyroid disease which is what my doctor called it. This is the same thing I think? Strange world we live in this thyroid world.



The reason your GP is so vague is because doctors don't reconise the possible terrible impact a high antibody count can have on the body. We know all our symptoms are related but doctors continue to treat each issue separately. A doctor will usually tell you threatment is the same as that of hypothyroidism.

Obviously without a range it is not possible to confirm Hashimotos but 422 does sound very high. You should have been tested for both sets of antibodies.



Most ranges seem t be under 60 is negative. You are deffo positive and have Hashimotos. They (Docs) won't give it a name cos then they have to treat it and they don't know how to or the impact that hashi's has!! I found a gluten and lactofree diet got me back to something near normal. DIY is the only way forward as far as I'm concerned. Good luck

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