thyroxine effects

Doctor upped my dosage from 125mcg to 150 mcg. 12 days now still feeling fatigued and cloudy head. I forgot to mention i asked for tests for feeling low as above. results came back normal. I had to inssist on a higher dose (via info given on this forum). my question is when should i be feeling the difference. Thank you in advance to all who reply

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  • Hi, when mine was upped to 150mcg, it did take about 4-6weeks, unfortunatley the test they do, do not give a good sight in to our overall thyroid function. Are you UK?

  • Thank you for reply. I'm fine it just gets you down not knowing. My doctors are good but you have to drag answers out of them. The norm seems they haven't got time to explain. If they spent a little time explaining basics. I wouldn't have made an extra 3 visits to the surgery in 2 years for the same symptoms.

  • Same here, I've still got symptoms, so I've decided to go down the t3 route, I've heard and spoke to people that feel better on t3.

  • But they Don't know the basics! That's why you had to insist on an increase, they didn't understand that you needed it. You can't get blood out of a stone.

  • Richie, it takes 7/8 days for the increased dose to be absorbed into your system before it starts working and up to 6 weeks for the full impact of the dose increase to work on symptoms.

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