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Failed diagnosis Hashimoto's thyroiditis? Or something else?

Went to my GP last week because I was experiencing all the symptoms of Hashimitos thyroiditis. I had have hyperthyroidism in the past about four years ago. I had blood tests -first lot to do with auto immune system stuff I think- locum GP explained nothing and got grumpy when I asked. Results came back and she rang to say yes thyroid is functioning abnormally and to go for another blood test to test for T4 I think? And maybe something else?

Rang for results today feeling optimistic that it would show as abnormal too and that I could get the right treatment to just be told by the doc's receptionist they have come back normal. But I am experiencing all these classic Hashimitos symptons still. What is going on do you think? I feel quite down that the help I thought I'd get doesn't look to be likely but I am finding it very hard to function with such tiredness and depression and have gone from slender size 10 to rapidly growing out of size 12's in about six weeks after years at fairly constant weight. Adding to my depression.

What should I do? I felt so knocked back I didn't know what to do or say at the end of the conversation with doc's receptionist. Please help?

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Welcome to the forum, Babypid.

Best thing is to get a printout of all your recent results with the lab ref ranges and post them up in a new question for comment and advice. The normal range is very broad and it matters where in the range your result is. For future reference have thyroid blood tests as early in the morning as possible when TSH is highest and fast (other than water) as TSH drops after eating.

It is fairly common to develop hypothyroidism after previously being hyperthyroid. The hyperthyroidism can burn out the thyroid which then goes on to underproduce. Thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibody blood tests determine whether autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) has caused hypothyroidism.


Thanks. I will ask for print out. How can I be 'normal' though when I have pronounced and what I find to be miserable and quite distinct symptons including painful joints and muscular aches?

I am just worried because my job is very demanding and I don't feel like I can deliver functioning like this. I'm forgetting things and have a foggy mind that can't 'get a grip' quite a bit of the time. The depression is overwhelming at times.

I know I'm perhaps jumping the gun now you've suggested posting results but am I within my rights to ask for treatment regardless of being in normal range?? It seems weird to say yes thyroid is functioning abnormally according to first test and then it's 'normal' according to second different set of tests??


Babypid, TSH can be abnormal due to non-thyroidal illness like virus or infection at time of testing and is usually retested 3 months later to rule out non-thyroidal illness before making a diagnosis.

Hypothyroid symptoms can precede abnormal bloods by months/years but it's difficult to advise without knowing what your results are. You are unlikely to get treatment unless your TSH is over range, usually 5 or 6, or your FT4 &/or FT3 are below range.

Ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. Low/deficient levels can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms. Post the results and ref ranges and members will advise whether to supplement. NHS doesn't prescribe unless levels are deficient.


Thank you I will. Weirdly I did have a really nasty what I thought was a throat infection/ virus early January 15 - it took six weeks to go and then every now and then I get very painful throat again which moves sides and the rest seems to have slowly stemmed from there I reckon. I read something about bacterial thyroiditis but just summised my issues are to do with the fact hyper nearly always goes hypo and the symotons seemed text book reflective of Hashimoto's


"normal " is a much overused word

You need to establish the exact tests and results

then you have to remember you had Graves Hyperthyroid this has sensitised your body to very high levels of thyroid hormone which means it can never again exist on low /mid range "normal " levels

You need TSH to be near zero and Free T4 and Fre T3 to be at top of their range

Its old Swedish research I was told about when my husband was in your shoes

Several people are desperately trying to trace it to put under noses of ignorant GPs and Endos

I am sure your totally correct you are suffering Hashimotos symptoms you probably also have

Low Ferritin


B 12

Vit d3

along with very low B vitamins and Vit C and zinc all of which is caused by hypothyroid


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