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SIBO and Being Hypo

I found out about SIBO through this forum. I am so relieved as it all makes sense. Having been told that "it's IBS from so many doctors and just offering me anti cramping meds, I am nearly 100% sure it's more likely to be SIBO. I see a specialist on Thursday, I just hope he has heard of it!!

On strong penicillin at the moment for a gum inflection and the cramps, the bloating, the terrible gas and diahorrea have more or less disappeared. Have been diagnosed Hypo since 2010. Anyone else out there had similar experience?

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I'm sorry you didn't get any responses. If there is anything we can help you with please post again and we will try our best to support/assist you.

Carolyn x


SIBO please explin what it means per letter thanks


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