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Hello i am interested in knowing a trustworthy site ..after reading horror srorys of fake t3 ect being have finally convinced my gp after years of symptoms of hypo being treated for wrong things ! Depression ect ! And blood tests showing "within normal "to refer me to an endo but am.looking at least 6 months wait ! Will not look at treating without seeing endo at my.witts end everyday seems more of a struggle ...any reccomendations or advice welcome

Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #23, thank you.

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Welcome to the forum, Andip.

'Normal' is a very broad rang. If you post your recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges (figures in brackets after your results) member will advise.

It may be better to see what the endo recommends before self medicating T3. Levothyroxine (T4) is the treatment usually prescribed for low thyroid.

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Make sure the endo you see specialises in thyroid, not in diabetes. Email Louise warvill admin for her lst of endos and docs who might be a little thyroid friendly.

Wouldn't advise self treating before you see an endo, it will only confuse matters. If you need t3, then the endo is perfectly able to write you a prescription.

Am curious to know why anyone would manufacture and sell fake t3. Its not exactly an expensive item, and profit from sales would be on repeat orders as the market is not that huge... Not like say, Viagra sales. No one would repeat buy if the meds were fake....

Where have you read about fakeT3 and who was gaining from manufacturing it? I would find it an interesting read.

If you are struggling but the blood tests are normal, its worth you looking at b12, d3 ferritn and iron levels. All these things have to e right in order to make use of thyrod hormones.

Also may be worth checking out the IGSF1 gene if you are a man.



Thanks for reply...


Sorry still trying to get used to this site...i have been deficient in b12 in the past and i was going to ask if the 2 could be related however i am fine at the minute...for some reason my gps not very forthcoming with full wasnt until.recently i knew i could insist on al these results and really never questioned being told it was normal...of the 3 tests iv had and 2 gps iv never been offered full has only been a decline in my feeling unwell and is affecting my job that i have pushed it further...i am struggling now on a day to day basis ...


Personally, now that i am familiar with treating, i self treat rather than allow doctors to leave me ill.

Where did you read about fake t3 sold online?


Thanks for reply..faith63 i probably didnt word my original post very well...i have been researching looking online for a few weeks at this and recall a few blogs/conversations on a site popping up where people were complaining about the potency of some of the tablets ordered online..i didnt fully read the blog but was in regards to t3/t4...dont know why anyone would want to do that either ! will try and retrace history to see if i can find again ...would always go by reccomended as there is always one scam or another online...thanks for advice people


also is it possible to shift from hypo fo hyper very quickly ? within days...the reason i ask is i have always suffered with hypo symptoms and since xmas i have suffered with a reoccuring cold/virus .3.times this has returned and during my last illness i.developed a swelling around my glands

..and suddenly my heart started racing and having palpitations/ of course i ended up at the emergency doctors as this made me panic as never had happened before...i had a few more instances of this over 2 days before rerurning to how i normally feel...i wasnt taking any medication at the time and havnt experienced this since...does this sound familiar and is it possible ?