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Genova test


Sorry if I'm asking what others have asked but I can't find specific answers to what I want to know.

I'm trying to get an adrenal stress profile done by Genova.

I tried to order online but you need a code. I know you are allowed to use Thyroid UK as your practitioner but you cannot put that in the code box.

I've therefore telephoned them but cannot get to speak to anyone, it's an automated system where you can leave a recording of your requirements. This I have done. Have I done the correct thing or is there another way of getting this??

Thank you 😀

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I think you need to email them (or phone them) to use Thyroid UK as the practitioner, you can't do it online


Thanks Harry, I'll try that!


I always use the 24 hour automated kit ordering (phone) line. I just give names, not codes. I've never had a problem.


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