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my t3 is 5.3 and t4 is 1.3 and the fatigue is getting really really worse!

my tsh is below 1 my t4 normal range is 9 to 21. and t3 normal range is 5 to 7

I am wondering if I can increase my medicines another ten microgram of t3 or add a little drop of t4. levo was bloody horrible on me and wonder if I should try eltroxin?

the fatigue is getting really worse and worse now to a point where I can not clean cook walk nothing.

I am at my wits end!


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Flashinthepan, Eltroxin is Levothyroxine. FT3 5.3 is low in range so T3 10mcg probably won't push you over range and may help with the fatigue.


thank you very much for the advice.


hi my doctor is not happy about the t4 and thinks that is why I am ill!...sigh!

I am now on 90mg of t3.


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