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really not well

i can be ok one minute and the next i want to be sick, im not sick but the worst feeling of sickness ever

head is spinning

weak all over

cant get comfortable

shortness breath (nothing new just more noticable today)

this has been going on for a few weeks now

really thirsty

im really struggling to get out of bed in the mornings

struggling to do anything really

have to call drs later for afternoon appointment

this is really scaring me

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I'm so sorry you feel unwell.

I have similar symptoms at the moment. I feel sick, weak, dizzy and am exhausted. I also have somach and back pains and am really thirsty but going to the loo less often.

I wonder if there is a virus going round, I hope so and that you feel better soon.


ive been like this on and off for a few weeks now, went to the drs a while ago and he used some posh word for hypochondria :( its like they just dont believe me now

while in A/E sunday night they said my blood come back with an infection so they said flu, but infection can mean anything from flu to cancer :(

ive just had to force thyriod meds down


You poor thing. Doctors do have a habit of blaming anyone but themselves when they don't know what's wrong! I haven't bothered going but will have to if this continues. I wondered if it was hormonal or a UTI infection?

I've been like this since Sunday so not long and I hope it's not a new set of symptoms I'll have to live with.

I've been eating white toast and rice and drinking loads.

If either of us find out the cause of this we'll have to let each other know.

Hope you feel a bit better very soon.


thank you, i know d visit will be a waste of time but i feel theres something wrong


blood pressure is 134/79


I think you should go then if it'd put your mind at rest.

I don't know about blood pressure but that looks good to me?


Hi Mandy just a thought which may be relevant, it was for me but of course not necessarily for you. The Ecigs can actually deliver more nicotine that ordinary ciggies,especially if you are 'constantly vaping and sucking on them.this can cause feelings of sickness,high heart rate and a general pretty unwell feeling. I really do know the delemma of which to go for,of course neither is better but that's far easier said than done!! So I guess it could be that,it did seem to be for me.

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im not puffing as much as i was in the early days and ive lowered the nic levels to 18mg from 24mg

the sickeness feeling just suddenly hits me out of the blue without warning, headache is allmost constant

the weakness hits with the feeling sick

worrying as i think there may be something more serious going on but if i say anything to dr they just give the 'shut up' look :(


Hi Mandy,18mg strength is a pretty hefty whack of nicotine.Depends on the brand you would smoke for strength but just to say I smoke Rothmans full strength and have for far too many years! When I tried Ecigs I was advised to take the 12 mg being slightly more nicotine than the Rothmans (which are 9mg).Even that gave nausea etc to a very seasoned smoker! I didn't connect the two things at first but for me it was the reason.


i was on sterling baccy so no clue really, i think i will order weaker liquids and see


This may not be relevant to you but I have similar to you, had nausea and dizziness and extreme tiredness. The doc did blood tests and sent them to the Endo who has said my potassium levels are to high as well as some others I can't remember. He took me of Cabrimazole and put me back on the PTU with a long list of instructions of things to look out for and asked for my kidney function test to be redone in four weeks.

My GP told me all the tests have come back normal


A/E tested everything and the only thing that came back high was CRP and that was 19 instead of 6


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