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hi, im on 100mg of levothyroxine and my tsh levels were 2.8 tsh last time they were checked . dr wants me to wait several months to see if it goes down lower before increasing. my immune system seems to be very low as i have had roughly 8 colds since spring last year and have got one now!, my thinking is slowed down still, and my memory isn't great short term, my body temp is on average 36.7 c and my blood pressure 107/69 pulse varies between 69,70 , 85, when i feel stressed i notice palpitations and heartbeat, but have checked it and don't appear to be going overactive. i have got both thyroid antibodies high and hashimoto's, but really wonder if i should take plunge and try natural thyroid and see if i feel better on it or just try higher dose of levo? scared to self medicate really and wonder if there are any members who know of nhs drs in taunton, exeter, or plymouth who would prescribe NDT either private or through a gp referall could private message me names or details pls.


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Your doctor is an optimist of the highest order. I can't see why he thinks your TSH will go down by itself. Doesn't seem likely, does it?

The frustrating thing is that you may not need to go down the self medicating route - if you could only persuade a doctor to raise your Levo dose. Is there another, less optimistic, doctor you could see? Many folk on thyroid meds need their TSH to be under 1 before they feel well.


Minus, you are undermedicated and your GP is an optimist of the first order if he expects your thyroid levels to miraculously recover without increasing your dose. Please read Dr. Toft's comments in Treatment Options re sufficient dose to restore a patient to euthyroidism in the link below. If you want a full copy of the article to show your GP email

You can also ask Louise for a list of endos and private GPs recommended by members.


Hi minus,

I have the same points of view as the two responses above but I think you should demand some T3 to be added to your T4 now. You are obviously undermedicated and after all those years on levo, the nicest thing would give you a trial of T3. It might make a huge difference to your life.

Dr Toft recommends, a TSH of below one or suppressed.

I hope you feel better soon but you need a decent dose of thyroid hormones.

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if I asked for t3 surely my t4 dose would need to be lower? and i would need to be referred to an endocrinologist as my dr doesnt know about thyroid very much ? i would love to try T3 synthetic to see if it helped. do you take synthetic t3 yourself and if so how much difference can it make?


It depends on how you, at present, "feel". I would think, due to your TSH that you aren't so good. Therefore, I would be apt to ask my GP for a trial of T3 to my levo. Blood tests aren't always the best to way to indicate how the person feels but the doctors usually make a decision upon the blood tests alone and don't know or refer to clinical symptoms.

As you really need an increase in levo, to bring your TSH down, you don't need to reduce T4 but you can ask at least for 10mcg of T3 (half a tablet in the UK) (this would be equal 'in effect' to 40mcg of levo. but you may prefer to add a quarter initially of theT3 tablet for around 2 or 3 weeks to see how you get on. Bearing in mind that some of us are sensitive to the fillers/binders in some medication and a switch (if necessary) to another T3 might suit you better.

If your doctor is willing, no he needn't refer you to an Endocrinologist. He prescribes liothyronine which is T3.

When I was so unwell on levo after being undiagnosed for such a long time, when T3 was first added it was a revelation the boost it gave. I then knew levo wasn't for me. I am on T3 only and am well, energetic, and my clinical symptoms have faded into memory.

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thanks for everyones input i will pursue the T3 route and see if gp will prescribe it. p.s i have sent for a private testosterone health check as i have zero libido still, i have felt like this for nearly ten years and wonder if i will ever have an interest in sex ever again or is that it for the rest of my life ?


i went to see my gp with dr anthony toft article to ask about adding t3 he didnt really respond said it wasnt necessary, but after persuasation that i wasnt optimally medicated at a tsh 2.8 let me increase my thyroxine by 25mg so am now on 125mg in morning. he also finally agreed to test for b12 in two months time when i have my tsh test done. however he said because my free t4 was 22 he didnt really wnat it to go any higher so i showed him toft article and got increase but dont know whether my tsh will go to 1 on next blood test so will find out then. feel very adrenaline bursting in the morning, anxious, sometimes palps but am not overmedicated as my blood pressure and pulse is normal and body temp about 36.3c. although i feel highly anxious and wired it leaves me feeling exhausted, slightly depressed and unmotivated. I would love to have some T3 but doubt i will get any off dr. see how this increase goes next blood test.


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