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A good endocrinologist in the North West, ideally Chester/ Cheshire

Hi, I'm new to this forum, posting earlier about Thyroiditis and Depression. I am keen to find myself an endocrinologist in the Chester/ Cheshire area who is an expert in thyroid conditions and is open minded about early stage under active thyroid. I am simply looking for a personal recommendation. With thanks, Halinka ps I know my GP will not refer me via the NHS as my TSH is not out of range tho I feel lousy

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Hi there, I have been under endocrinologists in this area for 25 years, sorry to say there are no thyroid experts. It took them 23 years to check my ft3, and they still do not think it necessary😡. It is like getting blood out of a stone however they will consider treatment options but they are very keen to get rid of you. Manchester royal is no better. I will be trying out Liverpool royal and let you know. Privately, they might be better you never know pm me if need be. Good luck


Hi Halinka, I live in Liverpool and have seen a mixed bunch of endocrinologists. All are too busy and rush you out of the room with a fast appointment. I believe they are more interested in the diabetic patients. If you manage to get to know a private endo on recommendation will you private message me as I will pay to see someone who can really help me. Thanks Vandewalle


I've just sent you a pm


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