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Adrenal fatigue and red meat?

I have a question about adrenal fatigue (AF); I hope it's OK to post it here as I understand many have problems with both thyroid and adrenal glands.

Lately, I have had real problems eating red meat. I used to crave read meat (understandable, as I've been diagnosed with low iron and ferritin levels for which I have been prescribed supplements) but, all of a sudden, I cannot stand the smell or thought of red meat. But I have no problems with chicken or pork, just red meat.

Any ideas what could cause this, all of a sudden...?

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Anna, maybe your iron/ferritin has improved and your body's saying "thanks, don't need/want red meat now."


This is an aside: Do you take betaine/pepsin with you food as this will increase your stomach acid and help you get all the nutrients from it?

One I've noticed with adrenal fatigue is that it's put me off my food and leaves me feeling nauseous. I'm normally a voracious eater.

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Anna, it could be that your hypo is causing low stomach acid, and you body is finding beef difficult to digest. It happêns. Some hypos go off meat altogether because they can't digest it, and look for easier sources of energy.

Spanglysplash (above) gives some good advice about what to do for that. :)


I would not put much thought into Adrenal Fatigue, because it is usually low thyroid causing low cortisol. Do you Have Hashi's? If so, what you are going thru can be part of just being ill. I get all kinds of weird symptoms..rashes, acne, reflux, nausea, flu like symptoms, headaches..it all comes and goes. This may be gone in 2 weeks.


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