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Guidance please

We are all about thyroid just now (well and the other things my DD has been diagnosed with) and I was wondering if you could look at my younger daughter's TSH level. They didn't do her T3 and T4 at the time and shes been diagnosed in the last few months with Vitamin D deficiency like her sister. Although my younger daughter has half the level her sister has so it's worse. Thank you

TSH - 2.2 uiu/ml. Ref range - .51 - 4.3uiu/ml

This was tested in April 2014

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Parsgirl, TSH 2.2 is slightly higher than the 0.5-1.6 euthyroid level but your daughter is unlikely to get a NHS diagnosis of hypothyroidism until her TSH is >4.3. Vitamin D deficiency causes musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms so your daughter may feel better when her vitD improves.

If her symptoms don't improve ask for another thyroid test and for thyroid antibodies to be tested.


Thanks Clutter. I will keep an eye on her, it's stressful enough making sure ones remembered her thyroid meds without two.


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