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Three issues: can any docs approach them together?

I was taken off NDT (ERFA) two Christmases ago when a sudden series of high BP spikes hospitalised me in LA, CA for nearly a month: they thought ERFA had caused the spikes, though I\d always done well on it for maybe 2 yrs under Dr. Skinner. Was put on 2 BP meds, flew home with an MD attending, had long recovery, then realised my B12def symptoms were worsening and began daily self-injections at home in August 2014. Immediate improvement that has levelled off, energy still low now have leg pains though doing more reading and writing. Meanwhile, no thyroid meds at all since Xmas 2013, any tests always 'normal'. Local clinic docs think I 'go to extremes' and resist any needs I have re: thyroid and B12 - but here's me with hypothyroid, lifelong Hashi's, B12def, and BP that still isn't stable without the BP meds. Feeling desperate again, and like I've been trying to sort this too long alone - though very grateful for good advice along the way. Does a GP exist in Scotland yet, or anywhere else in the UK, who knows how all this fits together and can help me build my health back from this point?

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Ladywell, email for a list of endos and private GPs recommended by members.

If you post your thyroid results with the lab ref ranges members will advise whether your results are normal or need treatment. Undertreated thyroid can cause high BP.

You can't OD on B12 so self medicating won't harm you but taking a B Complex vitamin too helps keep the other B vitamins balanced.

Has vitamin D been tested? Low vitD can cause musculoskeletal pain.


Thank you Clutter, didn't know low thyroid causes high bp: would it also cause BP spikes? Have had three in my life: one with pre-eclampsia, many years later two after different plane trips, and one for no reason this past winter in the middle of the night.


Ladywell, beyond knowing that thyroid can increase and decrease BP I don't know anything about BP or spikes.


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