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mucopolysaccharides - swellings

Ho does anybody else suffer with these swellings, how do you ever get rid of them, I feel i am suitable medicated but these swellings refuse to shift - any suggestions please?

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For my husband it was only when he switched to ndt that he stopped trying to claim i had shrunk the welts on his socks and shrunk shirt collars etc

so maybe the body needs natural thyroid with all its 5 components rather than the synthetic stuff

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totally agree, it is the non thyroid action that causes it


Thankyou reallyfedup, I am taking 3 grain of Nature Throid and 50mcg Liothyronine, other than these swellings I feel so much better..xx


50mcg of t3 plus 3 grains of ndt is quite a high dose

i wonder if you have thyroid hormone resistance


reallyfedup, I feel very well otherwise, how would i know if i was resistant? xx


I'm on 75mcg Euthyrox now for 3 yrs and I'm not doing well, my face(cheeks and temples), arms, legs, etc.. are swellings(infiltration with mucopolysaccharides ). My TSH and fT4 is good but my fT3 is low(but in the range).

I don't know what to do. I thought to try T3 or ndt.


If t3 is low it means you cannot convert the T4 into T3

Whats needed is finding the reason for this

could be low ferritin or folate

could be coeliac/gluten sensitivity

could be low b12

could be D 102 gene


I checked my ferritin, iron, b12 ... all are optimal/best. No have gluten intolerance, I gues the problem is D02 gene but I can not prove it because where I live this analysis is not available.

I'm willing to sart with ndt but i don't know how i take it. I'm afraid do not develop hyper-symptoms ...


hyper symptoms are easily spotted and totally avoidable if you are careful and follow the protocol


What protocol, sorry if I disturb you. I'm new on this t3/ndt things and are welcomed any good advices. My GP told me, if i want to try T3/T4 (or ndt I would say, my doc. never heard about it) then i should take the same dose of T4 that I take now(75mcg levo) + some T3(maybe 10mcg). But it seems too much for me . Should not I decrease the T4 dose if i want to introduce the T3 ???

Thank you.


until its worked out why you react to such a low dose of levo/t4 its not sensible to try NDT

yes if you add T3 you normally reduce the levo/t4 accordingly

however it may be that you are reacting to fillers in the tablets either lactose or acacia powder

when we know what it is then we can discuss possible changes to t3 or ndt


Thank you. I know, I'm not allergic to the fillers but I know T4 levo it works only 60- 75% for me.

Anyway, thank you. I'll go forward with investigations.....


then your deficient in ferritin or folate or b12 or vit d3 or you are wheat /gluten /lactose intolerant


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