symptoms that may or may not be related

I have been a lot better on Thyroid S for 3 months but have been struggling with a chesty cough for 6 months. I have had pneumonia but now hospital think I have asthma and am on a steroid inhaler which hasn't stopped the cough. I am also very congested and have no sense of smell so have been given steroid nose drops. My smell starting to come back but still coughing.

I also have very dry skin which itches but only on my forearms.

I am not due back to the hospital until the end of May. Does anyone relate to this? Of course it may have nothing to do with either my Hypothyroidism or the Thyroid S.

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  • It might be worth a trial of another NDT - just to exclude it isn't fillers/binders in ThyroidS. I did that with another thyroid hormone and it did make a difference, although I didn't have chest problem I had begun to get symptoms.

  • When I stopped smoking I was left with very gungy lungs. I couldn't cough the gunge up no matter what I did, it was too far down, and it stayed where it was for a couple of years. Luckily I then found something that helped a lot - N-Acetyl-Cysteine or N-Acetylcysteine. It is used in a gaseous form in hospitals to help people with lung problems. Obviously nobody can get the gas for home use, but you can buy it over the counter, without a prescription, online or in supplement shops. It comes in capsules, smells horrible, but thins mucus rather well. The effect isn't quick. It could take anything from a few days to a couple of weeks to help.

    I don't take this stuff all the time, I only take it when necessary. When I think I've cleared out the gunge sufficiently I stop taking it (until next time).

    Some links :

    It's available for sale at Amazon.

    Read the reviews at webmd and Amazon. Swanson is a popular brand. And please do your own research.

  • I too would suggest trying a different NDT

  • I am on Thyroid s and have had symptoms of a cold for over a month. Ive been taking anti histamine and that helped a bit. I may try another NDT but the cost is putting me off as Ive just left my job due to the fatigue and brain fog making it impossible to do my work properly!!!

  • I am very sorry you've had to give up your work.

    With the clinical symptoms you state above, your NDT dose might have either been insufficient or doesn't suit. Can you increase your dose by a very small amount (1/4 tablet) every two weeks to see if you improve. Making a note of your temp and pulse as well.

    I know money will be tight as you are now not working and some NDTs are expensive but some aren't so, after trying an increase of your present one, it might be worth trying, even a couple of months . If it works and you feel much better you'll be able to work again.

  • thanks for your reply shaws. my pulse is up at 80bpm and my temp is 36.3 on waking, but it my time of the month today. It was at 37degrees C last week-for the first time since I got ill.

    I am already taking 4 Thyroid S and 4 NAX , along with Vit C, Vit D, selenium and tyrosine. I fear if I increase the thyroid S i might overdose my heart!

    I am still going to be doing some study, but this break from stressful job may help me. I hope so anyway! could you inbox me any links for other NDT I could try please?

  • Are you taking NDT away from other supplements/vits. etc. I would leave about 4 hours between - just my preference.

  • I can relate to the chesty cough and asthma diagnosis. Once I got properly medicated I now longer suffered bronchitis, and didn't need the asthma inhaler.

  • I have no problem with thyroid s, but the fillers don't agree with some, so definitely worth trying a different NDT.

    There is another Thai brand called Thiroid which is also inexpensive. PM me for info on where to get it if you want to give it a go.

  • Started on Thyroid-S two days ago and this morning have woken up with awful acid taste in mouth, but not with reflux/heartburn. For second dose at 12 noon I took 1/2 tablet as had only been taking 1/4 x 3 daily (6.30 am, 12 noon, and 5 pm). unfortunately this is the problem I have been having with generic Levo since being changed from Goldshield Eltroxin, so think I am very under and do not know where to turn next. Any help would be appreciated. Had Omeprazole and Lanzoprazole last year, but came off them as they were not working for me anyway (glad I did now with the news about PPI's over the past few days). Started to take ACV a couople of hours ago, but still have awful burning in mouth. This is one of the symptoms I had when not treated for 19 years after a sub-total thyroidectomy.

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