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If your friends suggest smoking alcohol with a hookah pipe! Do not go there thyroid patients!!

Im a hypothyroidism patient and one night i was fed up with all the thyroid nonsense and decided to have a few drinks with friends.

Whilst drunk, I decided to try smoking alcohol....ouch!

My head was buzzing like hell, i had problems breathing, my nose and throat was dry and i felt swelling feelings in my brain,chest,wrists and arms, i experienced chest pains, anxiety.

You either survive or die.

The 'hangover' was hellish i was hallucinating, experienced pains in my chest, i was constantly feeling like i am dying at the same time high as a kite! Its like as if you have been inhaling aerosols,petrol fumes,paint fumes and getting extremely drunk also!

It sure is one way of getting drunk but pfff do not do it!

The positive is that you lose weight off it.

Seriously would not recommend it! Some could end brain damaged and others would end up dead its really flight or height!

Ive Done drugs and crazy sh*t before during my time and my body has taken a massive beating however i have been told im a tough wee cookie!

So glad to be alive but offf!

Im now detoxifying my body, i think.i will stick to weed!

So please dont do if you do dont do it all day other wise bye bye life hello death or brain damage!

Luckily i have no brain damage!

I do feel more and more tired!

Really guys not worth it! People do silly stuff but pff never again!

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Thanks for the warning, Flashinthepan. Hopefully most members will not consider inhaling alcohol, aerosols,petrol fumes,paint fumes etc as a way to feel well.


I must be very naive. I thought the only thing you could do with alcohol was drink it!


Well my wonderful imagination got the better of me and i never knew it was a worldwide craze until my friends told me afterwards but people do it to get drunk quickly and results in death. But yeah it just makes your thyroid symptoms 20 times worse.

I thought it was harmless but pfffff nooo


Words fail me. But I am three scores and ten.

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Lol me too😯


thanks for advice




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