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Underactive thyroid

I have written before been feeling really unwell lately had my blood test back the reading was 16 I am on 50mg levothroxine but I feel like I have the flu all the time and my blood pressure keeps going up I have no energy and feel very edgy, I am also on Adalat la 20mg for my blood pressure.i don't know what is happening to me.i am 73 years old ,I'm not over weight ,I can't seem to get any joy from the doctor,can anyone help.

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Last time you posted shaws gave you excellent advice - did you try to act upon it. The link is above....

We can only help when you answer the questions about your test results etc....


What was 16, Pat? Ther are lots of things that get tested, and we need to know which one it is. What did it say exactly?

Your blood pressure problems are probably due to your low thyroid. 50 mcg Levo is only a starter dose, and people shouldn't be left on it too long or that causes problems in itself. Your doctor sounds like an idiot - can you change him? You do sound very hypo.

But as Marz said - and other people have said in your previous threads - if you want help, you have to give us more detail. We can't guess at these things, you have to give us all the information you have. And so far, you haven't done that. :(

Hugs, Grey


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