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Thyroid S - advice please

There is a very long backstory, but I finally got a proper dose of levo in June 2013, which worked like a charm, with most of symptoms gone within the first three months. The dose was upped gradually from 75mcg to 125 mcg and then to 150 mcg at my instigation. After three months on 150mcg (and eighteen months altogether on levo, my symptoms started to return, especially hair loss and brain fog, which was affecting my work.

I started taking Thyroid S on 19 February. I was advised to do a week on one grain, then a week on one and a half, then go up to two grains and sit for four weeks. This led to a massive return of hypo symptoms, panic attacks, chest pain etc, as well as cold sores and acne, but I am into week three now and stable again, with hair growth. I take one grain first thing and one at lunchtime.

I feel that I will need more. My basal body temperature, which was stable at 36.1 on levo, is now hovering around 34oC and there is still no weight loss. My fingernails are breaking off below the free edges.

Can anyone suggest when I should take the next half grain? Should I take it first thing? Lunchtime? Later in the day? All suggestions gratefully received.

I chose to self treat because I was fed up of constant fights with the GP over dosage, as my TSH has been suppressed from the start, and even more fed up with having to order and collect a new prescription every couple of weeks. It is surgery policy, even with long term, stable doses, to only prescribe 28 days at a time!


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I also take Thyroid S, don't have time to mess about with incompetent NHS GPs.

I would say that if you are going to take a third dose, take it late afternoon or evening so that your doses are roughly spread across the day.

I also take one dose first thing and the next around lunch time. I think i need to introduce a 3rd dose too - and i plan to take it in the late afternoon/evening


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