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painful knees/legs

First post for me. Lately I have been waking in the morning with painful knees and pain going down to my feet - haven't taken Vit d for a while (I was on calci chew for ages but they make me feel sick) also having terrible memory problems too. I have been to see a thyroid doctor regularly in the past but wondered if anyone could recommend anyone in the London area who is really good.

Thank you.

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Have you had a recent blood test for your thyroid hormones? If not, ask for one to be done and ask also for Free T3, Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. Leave 24 hours between taking levo and the earliest morning blood test as it could skew results.

Get a print-out from the surgery with the ranges stated and post on a new question.

You may not be on enough thyroid hormones, so it's best to check thoroughly first. Pain is quite common if underdosed.


Hi thank you for your reply I had blood tests with gp last November - surgery said within normal levels for thyroid, vit d was adequate, iron ferritin and folate within normal range but had taken thyroxine on 125 for past 6 years or so (diagnosed 11 years ago when I was 44) I will try to get a print out from them.

Do you know any good thyroid drs in London


Never take 'normal' when doctors refer to our blood tests. Normal we don't want. We want to be in the very low TSH and higher for T4 and T3.

I personally don't know of a doctor in London.

If you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org for a list of sympathetic doctors there might be one or two on it. After you have read the list you can put up a new post requesting information by Private Message as we cannot post online any information about doctors.

You can put the Doctor's name on the heading.

You will be alerted you have had a private message as a red 'bubble' will show at your name and when you click on it press on messages and it will take you to it. Messages cannot be viewed by anyone else except the people named in the message.

First, get a print-out of your blood test from the surgery for your own records (we are entitled) with the ranges (labs differ) and members will comment.

If you've not had a recent one request it saying you have symptoms. Also ask for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as we are usually low. Also ask for Free T3 as we can have a low T3 which is the active hormone we need and maybe you don't convert levo into sufficient T3.


Thank you so much - that is really helpful. Will make an appointment with GP to go through blood test results and get a copy and post the results.


Good advice already given but just wanted to add that you could try changing your vitamin D? I am now taking Fultium 3,200 and they are a gel-type capsule. Maybe you will get on with them better?

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It's a difficult one with taking added calcium. Bones are made up of some much more than just calcium. Often people actually have too much!!!! I think a hair analysis test is often recommended to check just what minerals might be lacking. I am not sure exactly where to have this done though.

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Thank you Kel8 & Pepekins will look into different vit D & hair analysis at the moment I have Solgar liquid vitamin D 3 A few years ago I was very low in this level after blood test with GP now says adequate- whatever that means!


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