Result Levels

Result Levels

Am currently on 50mg of levothyroxine, have been since Oct 2014 and wonder if level is correct and why I have elbow pain throughout the day and at night - elbow joints become stiff too as well as painful . Have just started Adcal-D3 2x 1500mg tablets a day due to calcium levels being low (calcium 1.93mmol/L (2.1-2.7)). Current levels with ranges are attached. Any ideas?

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  • Peartree, you are undermedicated and this may be why you have joint pain. TSH of people on Levothyroxine is usually comfortable just above or below 1.0, although some need it lower to feel well, with FT4 in or near the top 75% of range, ie >16.5 in your range. Read the comments of Dr. Toft to Pulse Online in the link below where he discusses thyroid levels and doses. Email if you want a copy of the full article to show your GP.

    Low levels of vitamin D, ferritin, B12 and folate can also cause musculoskeletal pain. Have they been tested in addition to low calcium?

  • No these levels have not been taken and will request on next blood test. Many thanks

  • Your TSH is too high it should be below 1

    your free t4 is too low and should be nearer 19

    hence your dose of levothyroxine is too low

    why has your dose not been increased

    however in some patients joint pains are result of taking synthetic drugs like levothyroxine

  • Unfortunately if result is within range our surgery puts you as normal and no further action even if you show symptoms - their view re joint ache is I'm sorry and take a cortisone jab! But I will go back armed now... Thanks

  • Email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft. Go to question 6 and inform your GP (they need to be educated) of the TSH level Dr T advises. Some doctors disregard this as we've got info from the internet. You can tell him the reason is that you re not getting better and you don't want to be forced to treat yourself.

    Doctors are so badly trained as medical students these days and cannot detect that their patients are hypothyroid due to their clinical symptoms alone and confuse 'ranges' as being the ideal for hypothyroid patients to reach. In some countries patients are treated when their TSH reaches 3 (in the UK it's horrendous at 10).

    The 'ideal' TSH for hypothyroid patients is around 1. as Dr Toft's answer proves.

    It always puzzles me that doctors don't treat their patients till their symptoms resolve. Instead they willy nilly give you medications other than a decent dose of hormones which costs more money plus illhealth for the patient who are told 'it cannot be the thyroid gland as your TSH is in range' Never mind that the TSH is from the Pituatary Gland not the thyroid gland.

  • Thanks - I have emailed Louise and look forward to reading the article and questioning my Dr.

  • Some GPs pay no attention to this article (Pulse online is the Doctors magazine) and the patient leaves deflated. Let's hope yours will take notice.

  • After request - level has been increased to 75mg as of today - hopeful!

  • The only way many patients get diagnosed is by comparing actual results year on year

    TSH will rise and T4 will fall

    plus thyroid antibodies will likely rise too

    Thus its vital you always get the actual figures because it enables patients to keep track of whether meds are working or why they have symptoms

    What is so utterly wrong with all medicine is no one gets a full blood work up when they are 100% well

    so that theres a baseline to return to

  • Have requested my actual paper results each time I have a blood test so have the history so far and will continue to gather this information. (Does make me laugh when the Receptionist has to go to a Dr to get permission to release these details to me - and I have never met that GP in my life).

  • Just a reminder when you go for a blood test for the thyroid gland, don't take levo before it but after as it can skew results and may result in a reduction of your medication. If you've eaten leave 2 hours at minimum each side of taking levo as food can interfere with the uptake and it must be taken on an empty stomach.

  • Thanks noted.

  • The blood test should be at the earliest.

  • Thanks, I'll remember that

  • The blood test should be at the earliest.

  • hi i,m on the same 50mg and i have the same pains in my joints especially in the muscle in my left arm amd its very painfull i wonder is this a side effect

  • Have a look at Clutter's comment further up re other blood results to ask the Dr to take re musculoskeletal pain this may help you too.

  • Neither my husband or our daughter or her 3 children all of whom are Hashimotos can tolerate Levothyroxine or t3

    suffering horrendous joint pains

    they are all chemically sensitive and can only cope on NDT

  • Wasn't sure if you can get NDT - is it available in the UK then?

  • Peartree, NDT isn't licensed for use in the UK so few NHS doctors prescribe it although they may do so on a 'named patient basis'. Most people on this forum buy NDT on the internet and self medicate.

  • Your pain is most likely due to being undermedicated. 50mcg is a starting dose and should be increased after 6 weeks. Get a copy of your latest blood results with the ranges and post for comments or make arrangements to have a new one, stating you have clinical symptoms.

  • Yes its possible to get NDT in the UK

  • Have contacted Dr and his recommendation is to up level to 75mg as from today and have a further blood test in 4 weeks. Have asked to have all tests to inc possible causes to muscleskeletor pain in elbows. He still thinks it an external problem like tendonitis?!

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