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I raised my t3 to 20 mcg once daily (thyroxine 50 mcg also once daily)had fuzzy headache ,full feeling in ears,so reduced t3 to 15 mcg.Now on 20 mcg again but taking 10 mcg 07.30,5 mcg 12.30 and 5mcg 17.30.See how I get on.

Can anyone explain why my usual thyroxine dose before I went on t3 would suddenly make me feel so hyper and very ill and bloods were all normal.I am scared t3 and thyroxine will make me feel hyper again.

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Susiebow, the two commonest reasons for feeling hypo and hyper at the same time are low ferritin/iron which can cause hyper feelings when trying to raise dose or an autoimmune attack on your thyroid gland which can cause hormone to be dumped and make you feel hyper. If the latter, it's possible that bloods had normalised by the time you had a thyroid blood test.


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