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Challenging my GP

Following my last post, I have GD/hyper and have been on propanolol since mid feb and Carbimazole since 2nd March, when I had my first endo visit. I have seen my GP twice since my endo appointment as I was short of breath and had to have a chest Xray (which was fine). I have just spoken to my GP on the phone to ask if I should have my bloods done before my appointment next week. this appointment is to review my symptoms, one of which is anxiety/ dread and sweating immediately upon waking, which I know is part of the GD. GP said he would wait until I see endo before I get my bloods checked again. I told him it should be checked every 4-6 weeks as I was on Carbimazole. He replied that he forgot I was on it!! and that he would be led by the endo. I only moved to this surgery when I moved to the area. I have no faith in either of them. Any tips or advice much appreciated.

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Cal, ask your GP to book you in for a blood test to check levels in early April. Carbimazole can regulate thyroid quickly and there is no point in being under or over medicated for months before your next endo consultation. GP can and should monitor bloods and email the results to the endo for advice/approval should dose need adjusting.


Thank you Clutter, I'll do that. I had this about 8 years ago as well and was on carbimazole for 18 months with regular checks. I (stupidly) didn't do any research at that time so just went with it. However this endo is pushing for RAI or surgery and when I asked him about improving my gut, diet and immunity, he said they weren't linked.

It's so frustrating.


Cal, If you have Graves antibodies remission from hyperthyroidism is often temporary. There does seem to be a push towards RAI or surgery for hyperthyroidism these days but if you are comfortable on Carbimazole there's no reason to come off it and there are members who have been on Carbimazole for years and one, decades.

Autoimmune diseases are thought to start in the gut but most endos and doctors treat the resulting hyper or hypothyroidism rather than the cause. Many members adopt a gluten-free diet which can reduce autoimmune attacks and antibodies but doesn't help everyone. Others go dairy and sugar free. Whatever you decide, only eliminate one food at a time and reintroduce to see whether there adverse reactions before eliminating other food groups or you won't know what is helpful and may end up on an unnecessarily restrictive diet.


I'm doing a lot more learning this time and have just started reading the Auto immune recovery plan by Susan Blum. I have learnt so much on here as well. It makes so much sense to me to treat he cause not the symptoms. Think I'm going to have to be very assertive with my endo!

I have cut out most sugar and caffeine so far and I think eliminating gluten will be my next step. It makes it easier knowing I can do this for about 30 days to see if it makes any difference.


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