more confused than ever.

latest update last night i had a gp appointment but my usual gp had called in sick so was put under a locum. looking at my notes he said i see you have graves i said cant be as iam underactive not over. he then check antibodies results again but he seemed confused. i asked if i could be refered to an endo but he said no need as he and the other gps could dealed with this.

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If it is Graves, then you should be under an Endocrinologist. Do you have any blood test results to post so that others may help you?

Take a look at the chart on this page, explaining the different types of antibody and under what circumstances they might be found ...

Also these pages :

Joyce, some people do have both Graves and Hashimoto's antibodies but it isn't uncommon for GPs to confuse one with the other. Ask which antibodies were tested. Positive thyroid peroxidase (TPOab) and/or thyroglobulin (TgAb) antibodies = Hashimoto's and positive thyroid receptor antibodies (TRab) = Graves.

hi clutter my tgab when last tested was 412. they didnt say what tpoab was so iam assuming it was normal. however i have rang the practice for them to print me my results and i pick them up tomorrow.

hi clutter i managed to get printout today TPOab was 240 (0.0-59.0) and tgab was 412 (0.0-115.0). these were taken in september. haemoglobin was 44 (20.0-42.0) that was taken in november my next blood test is due in may.

Joyce, TPOab and Tgab are both positives for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's).

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