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Naturethroid and patience

I'm not expecting miracles for a while yet but could anyone please tell me how long it takes to feel some positive effect from Naturethroid. I've been on 1 and a half grains for nearly three weeks (no time at all really)

Initially I thought it was having a minimum effect but now I am having trouble sleeping and if anything feel as bad as before I started it. I know I have to be PATIENT but I've read that people have almost some immediate signs of improvement. Its quite disheartening when there's not a sign of anything positive and still being unable to function

Any word of encouragement would be appreciated

Thank you for reading

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PPf, I don't take NDT so can't advise how long before you feel improvement. Usual advice on taking NDT is to increase by half a grain every fortnight until on 2 grains, hold for 4 weeks and have a blood test to check levels before increasing further.

If your sleep is being disrupted try taking your second dose a few hours earlier.

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SOME people. Not everybody. And everybody is different, so Don't be disheartened. Try increasing by half a grain and see if it helps. :)


Thank you for your reply and suggestion. I'll see how it goes then maybe I'll increase if needs be




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