Pituitary disease and prediabetic

Hi community! I'm 52 year old woman and I've had pituitary disease for years, now I'm showing up prediabetic. The hypothyroidism and menopause keeps me from being able to loose weight despite a decent, gluten free diet. (I'm 25 lbs. Over my ideal). My blood platelet (MPV) count is high too. Any one else dealing with this? What has helped you?! (I exercise moderately but deal with fatigue)

thank you!!

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Welcome to the forum, Ebmiller5.

If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges (figures in brackets after results) members will advise whether you are optimally medicated. Undermedication can make it impossible to shift weight can raise insulin levels.

High MPV Indicates a high number of larger, younger platelets in the blood; this may be due to the bone marrow producing and releasing platelets rapidly into circulation.


Thank you for your reply! My current T3 T4 and tsh are all in normal range, prob. Because I'm on the thyroid meds.

Ebmiller, normal range is very broad. Most people will feel best with TSH just above or below 1.0 with FT4 in the upper quadrant of range.

TSH is 1.91 Free T4 .96 and T3 2.7. My worry is the high MPV 11.7 and the 123 glucose

Ebmiller, TSH is a tad high. I can't tell about T4 and T3 without the ranges.


Hi Thyroid disease makes diabetes more likely as their is a relationship between them.You can be prediabetic for years if you are careful what you eat, see the American site.


Thank you, Jackie. My diet is good but I will look at the prediabetic diet.

How are you being treated..are you missing hormones, besides TSH? Maybe proper tests weren't done for GH?

I am only the thyroid meds and wellbutrin. I stopped the steroids which might not be a great idea but the side effects were troubling me.

I get the feeling that you are not gettting the proper hormone replacements and have not been properly evaluated for the extent of the disease. What is wrong with your pituitary?

I have Empty Sella, a squished pituitary . I have found out that IGF-1, if normal, but you have pituitary abnormalities, is not good enough, you need a stim test to determine a GH deficiency. You need an AdrenalStim tests for determining Cortisol levels as well as a metypirone test, if the adrenal stim is normal to determine partial secondary adrenal insufficiency, especially if you have borderline normal cortisol serum. What tests have you had done?

I had the full panel years ago and all numbers pointed to pituitary disease. After years on cortisone, T3 T4 and some testosterone, my tests kept confirming that the damage to pituitary was permanent. I did find it odd that after all I read about the importance of GH, my doc did not feel it nec. To address that aspect.

It is because they don't know the protocol. The pitutary specialist told me what i told you, my Endo, disagreed!!! Do you believe it?!!! She thinks she knows more than a Specialist. The literature even says further tests are needed. IGF-1 isn't enough.

Have you had an MRI?

I haven't had am mri since my brain operation on my trigeminal nerve!

Hi I believe that seeing as you have pituitary damage that your suffering from hypopituitary and that's effecting all your other hormones too. I think you need to find a specialist n doctor that understands hypopituitary.

Hello, I have a feeling I may also have pituitary issues. What test did they do to determine it was your pituitary? I have chronic adrenal fatigue and have to take hydrocortisone 2 times a day. I also had thyroid cancer and my thyroid was removed. I now take Westhroid Pure. I do a gluten free diet and have trouble losing weight. I am also pre-diabetic. I had a hysterectomy and use natural progesterone cream. I have a lot of autoimmune symptoms. My blood work said my titer count was high and I'm being referred to a reumatologist. The hydrocortisone really helps with fatigue and I take at least 10 supplements a day. As far as weight loss goes I have not been successful yet.

My pituitary disease was diagnosed 6 years ago after taking high amts. Of pain meds and having two surgeries. I also have fms and the immune system issues are hard to get on top of. I think we just keep doing our best and try not to be frustrated with the extra weight!

You know what gets me about this whole thyroid "thing?" It's that because a lot of us are older and going through menopause or are through menopause, the doctors all think it's just our age!! Makes me so furious!

Unfortunately we are dismissed by doctors because I think they are too rigid about test numbers rather symptoms. I a dr. Tell me recently that "doesn't believe in fibromyalgia". I told her she obviously was not a good fit for being my dr.!

Fibromyalgia is a symptom, not a disease. Please see info on Dr. Lowe and how he cured his fibromyalgia patients with the use of either ndt or t3, thyroid meds and therapy. He found that FM was caused by low metabolic rate and thyroid hormone resistance. SHAWS on this website, has info on his research.

I think having an autoimmune disease causes pain as well. My FM pain disappeared for years after starting thyroid treatment. Then came back and i went on T3 only, which helped. Now am seeing a doctor who will help me to fix my immune system, which is at the root of much of this.

Pituitary issues cause pain due to lack of hormones, especially GH and cortisol. Chronic use of pain meds can cause nearly permanent rebound pain as well. I don't know how you would no what is causing what, in your situation.

It is hard to know what is causing what! I am clean and sober so pain meds or alcohol for the past 6 1/2 years. Type 2 diabetes runs in the family so it may a genetic link exacerbated by the thyroid issues. My past endocrinologist didn't give any gh which I thought might help. I'm also using Reiki.

Type 2 is due to inflammation, do you have autoimmune disease too? They used to treat type 2 with aspirin in large doses and it worked until they figured out it had terrible side effects.

Low growth hormone can cause all sorts of things, looks like you were not properly tested. Low free t3 levels too, all associated with pain, fibromylgia pain and type 3. Maybe you could order your own thyroid tests and get a doctor who specializes in pituitary. They must have them in the UK.

Thank you! I am in the USA.

Yes, i think the immune issues are the root cause! I too pray i find a good doctor on my new med plan!

You will need a pituitary specialist ..a neuroendocrinologist or a pituitary center..ask for a referral, see if there is one in your state. I will be going to Boston to see one. Do you have odd, woozy head, out of it, vision issues, heavy eye feelings? Very odd and it all leaves me homebound, along with the swelling. I am puffy and miserable. My thyroid meds don't work on this.

So sorry you are feeling homebound, Faith! I will ask for specialist. I've had some house bound myself. I thought maybe it was depression but the fatigue isn't up a whole lot. I'll pray we both find the right specialists! I've been meditating for a year and have just started doing guided healing for cell and immune system meditations. Check out youtube!

Thanks ..

I don't mean to be negative, but autoimmune begins with Gut healing and nothing will bring back lost hormones due to pituitary damage. We won't feel better until we get our hormones replaced and heal our bad guts. I will check out youtube, if you google about healing autoimmune disease, through functional Medicine. Mark Hyman has a good website on it.

ebmiller5: Yes, doctors are very dismissive and condescending. I hope you look for another doctor. I found a "gem!"

Dr. Bernstein's Diabetic Solutions. He is type One diabetic. He became a doctor to understand how to eat. He eats protein ( meat) and low glycemic vegetables. His book goes into great detail on how to handle all the diabetic drugs.

There are also people who control their diabetes with a purely vegetarian/ high fruit diet. They tend to use a lot of herbs. No one knows why it works, but it seems to work.

Dr Neal Bearnard talks about reversing diabetes on you tube and he also has a book you can buy on amazon

You can also reverse diabetes by going on a low fat raw vegan diet .. you could think about following the 80/10/10 diet.

Most importantly, eliminate processed foods, refined sugars, and starchy foods like white potatoes and rice.

Cinnamon is also supposed to help with blood sugar levels

Dr McDougall has also spoken about acne on you tube

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