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Should I be taking these tablets?

I am hypo and have been for a few years. I also have raised alkaline phosphatase but not been told it is fatty liver. I also suffer with a continually painful back which was operated on a few years ago and had 2 spurs taken off. I have been on painkillers for years now and the doctor has just prescribed codeine phosphate 30mg and I was reading the PIL and it states that it shouldn't be taken with liver disease ? or if you are Hypothyroid. I took 2 this morning then read the PIL. Not particularly worried about what I have taken but should I not take any more.

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I would phone your GP and leave a message for him to call you back. If the PIL says it affects liver/hypo it is best to check as you don't want to worsen the situation.


Thank you Shaws, I will do that. xx


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